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May 30, 2008


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cindy k

i would have to agree with everything you've said and have the same behaviors (i also loved, loved the baby magazine!). martha and her team continue to inspire.

i have tapes of all of the old shows and attended a couple of tapings of her new show, too! we were also lucky enough to not only meet her on a garden tour, but also her mom who was so warm and adorable.

i can see her influence in everything you do, which is a "good thing".


I actually signed up to Martha's website a few days ago. I love getting the daily craft newsletter. I would never think of these things if left to my own devices.


Oh Benita! I have to write on this on my blog and quote you! I love her, too and discovered an organizing book back in 1998. Then i was lost and bought the magazine ant lots of other organizing books. I feel the same about Blueprint. I loved it and she sometimes is too mother-in-lawish for me. And not to mention the kid's magazine she gave up, too!


Yvonne, please do! I love (and agree to) your mother-in-law commment! Martin laughed so hard!!!

How great that the three of you like Martha like I do!!! I've noticed quite a few snide remarks her way in blogs...

A Merry Mishap

I love seeing your collection...I have a similar one, not quite as big but I've been watching her since I was in Junior High...I liked her then, which was pretty odd for a 14 yr old! Now she's still an inspiration!


You Benita, are my Martha. <3


I would need to borrow all your Martha magazines and books since I'm the worst organizer ever. Have always dreamed of a well organized home though... And admire Martha for her ideas and the trademark she has built around her lifestyle. I discovered Danish Martha, Isabella Smith, a couple years ago and she's my idol. Just love the magazine, her shows and the "Isabella"-style.
I better keep following your blog for inspiration...you never know what might happen in my less organized household : )))


Just discovered your blog and have been wandering through your older posts -- do you miss Blueprint as much as I do?? I'm so sad that only lasted such a short period.

When we recently moved, I finally agreed to get rid of the bulk of the magazines I had been saving. They were just taking up too much room and we had limited storage options. I did request that I could keep my MS Living and Real Simple ones.

I put my husband in charge of this project -- since it can be hard to part with things that you've saved. Thank goodness for him, though -- he saved my Blueprints as well, I had forgotten to mention those but he had clearly remembered my disappointment when the magazine folded. This is why I love him -- well, one of about 100 reasons ;o)

Anyway -- your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing your life and home with us!


ellen, I do, I do!!!! It was so perfect. A little bit younger, a little less food but still "Martha".

Welcome to my blog! Your husband sure sounds like a sweetie! I wouldn't have dared put Martin in charge of such an important task :)

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