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May 31, 2008


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I'm in utter awe. Thanks for the photos and information. I've never seen orgnization so pretty before.


Jag som inte skulle sitta vid datorn... kan inte slita mig från detta. Jag blir sjuuuk när jag ser sån ordning. Du är fantastisk. Och du skriver ju så underbart kåserande. Jag måste slänga ut mina pärmar och skaffa dokumenthängare. Jag såg Martha hos Oprah först och älskade hennes vita rena stil. Nu känner jag att det kommer tillbaka!


How do you get other members of the house to participate? I set org. stuff up only to find my husband ignoring it and my son dumping everything out (he is 16 months old so I cut him slack..for now).


Du är min hjälte och största idol numera. Jag lovar härmed att organisera våra papper tillbaka till den ordningen de en gång var. Vi har också ett relativt litet hus och jag har skapat en enhet i vår inre hall med ett köksskåp och en malmbyrå - det finns ingen tid att förslösa, nu SKA det bli ordning, tusen tack för den fantastiska inspirationen, jag är djupt imponerad.



thank you for sharing with us how your paperwork is organized! It all makes sense. I will be putting my papers in order this weekend and will keep your ideas in mind!


I'll start immediately! Wish I could come over to see the things in reality! This is such a boost for my next week!

Ellas Inspiration

Men va roligt att hitta din blogg! Har kikat på dina vackra bilder på Flickr tidigare men visste inte att du även "bloggade". Va kul! Kram Karin


Thank you all so much! I'm constantly overwhelmed at your comments...

Molly, Martin and I are total opposites... I'm super organized and he couldn't care less. He does appreciate an organized home though but doesn't contribute much in that respect... Wille who's 14 is (thankfully)pretty organized. Not to my standards, but that's probably a good thing :). I do realise I'm overdoing it!


Avundsvärd ordning!! Och snyggt med enhetlig färg!!

A Merry Mishap

Would you want to stop by my place!?!


Such a great idea.I should have a similar system myself but the rebel in me won't allow it! When I grow up them maybe I will.


Benita this is inspirational! I am so bad when it comes to organizing paperwork - and I never throw away my magazines, the pile just grows and grows... I need to learn how to edit!


Can you tell me how you did your windows?


Christy, do you mean the curtain? It's just a piece of hemmed linen fabric with a channel at the top with a stretchy curtain wire running through and two hooks screwed into the frame at either end. Super simple!

Jordan Taylor

i am absolutely in LOVE with your desk and shelving unit! how did you stumble across it? because im a college student, and i want one just like it for my dorm, i can tell it would be great for all its multiple purposes and it looks amazing too!

thank you!


Jordan, we built the unit out of MDF to fit the space. I looked around the internet though and I like Pottery Barn's Bedford series


and at Target there's this one where you might be able to adapt one of the shelves into a deeper work space for a laptop.



You have NO IDEA how GRATEFUL I am that you posted this!!! I am in extremely desperate need of the info you've provided! I have piles and piles and piles of papers, manuals, awards etc. and if I needed to find anything there's a very small chance I'd be able to! I am going to take your advice and see if I can get it all organized b/c I truly believe you when you say that it feels soooooooooo good!!!

You have inspired me so much! I'll be sure to post about it all on my new little blog! ;) Thank you a million times over! :D
Warmly, Mariah


about the curtain..i know this was a LONG time ago: how do you roll it UP then? or in the pics when it looks like it's bunched up @ the top do you just have to manually do that when you want it? aren't i pathetic? might be a dumb question... but i'm thinking of using the idea in my girls' room so...


benita: another WAY-AFTER-THE-FACT question:
where do you find white mag files? ikea? LOVE your storage. i now find myself WALKING AWAY (broken addiction) when i don't totally love something or if it's a cheesy color instead of white. i liked & agreed w/ your reasoning that white storage doesn't draw your eye to it...except to marvel at how clean and pristine everything looks! around here, the office supply stores, everything is cardboard white (which would be fine, i suppose, just not AS white as i'd like, more greyish) or plastic black...and ea. piece costs a sm.fortune. =( so i'm looking to make an ikea trip one day. or order. i have the feeling i'd way overspend if i walk in that store! =) thanks, benita, for inspiring us!


Some of mine are from IKEA and some from a local DIY store. Here's a link to some nice one's from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30159507. They are in the Kassett series which also includes a lot of the white storage boxes I use and love :)


I don't roll it up on a daily basis. I just had to do a little thingy (folding it over itself) at the top to allow for the star to hang at a good height. Normally it just hangs there. We have a big tree just outside so people can't really see in.


dear god. you are the most organised person EVER. this is amazing. i'm having so much fun reading through your blog, it's wonderful!

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy

I just found your blog. I had to start with your office posts since that is what I am working on for the last couple weeks on my blog too.
Love your photography!.... going to go do some more looking.

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