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June 27, 2008


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Love the use of the world map!
You and your husband are great parents =) reading posts about your family life makes me less nervous about the idea of becoming a parent.


This is a wonderful idea :)


Love the colors of the map - subtle and serene. Perfect for next to the bed. Is the relief on the map visual {if so, it's very realistic} or is the map actually raised?


I love it! Where did you get a map of that size and color? I can't seem to find anything similar when I've looked.


is that a little green pin I see in Rio de Janeiro????


I love this map idea ... I wonder if I have a wall large enough to do something similar ... hmmm?
Have fun on your trip here to the US!


This is such a wonderful idea - and a great decoration!


This is a very cool idea!


Have you been to Australia? You didn't show it in your photos so I guess not?

cindy k

that's a wonderful idea! when you come to nyc, wille might really like this store in soho - http://kidrobot.com/ - go to shop, toys,kidrobot. you might like it, too! it's cool.


Thank you all!

June,the map is actually a little creased... hmmm... glad it looks like it was meant to be:). The wall behind is an outside one and the temperature differences make the wall go weird on me.

Annady, I got the map in a mapshop in Stockholm. They sell maps, travel litterature and things like that. I think you can actually find map wall papers nowadays. Try google it!

Isadora, the little pin over there is in Vitoria and it's blue. Martin was there in 1977 as crew on a ship at the age of 16...

Mel, still haven't been over in Australia. Would love to go one day though :)

Cindy K, thank you so much for the tip! I checked the website out and I'm sure both Wille and I will love it. I can see a few things I'd like, that's for sure.


That is a great thing to do together! A good way to learn about the wolrd. :)


I love this idea!

There are so many great things about NYC. If you have a sweet tooth, check out Macaron Cafe which is on 36th Street at 7th Avenue - delicious! And Wille has to try some delicious NYC pizza - I recommend Gruppo in the East Village.

Rachel Shingleton

What a gorgeous room! It looks so relaxing. Great idea to have the map up, too.

Kay Burklin

I love the idea of posting where everyone in the family has been! What a cute idea. You could also give pins to guests and see where how far the circle goes! Great ideas on your blog - thanks!

Kalai (Petite_Sphinx)

How did you attach the map to the wall?

Love your blog


Kalai, I used spray adhesive but if I'd do it again I'd use wall paper paste.

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