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June 29, 2008


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Anna @ D16

Oh, that is SO smart! I'm going to have to do this when I build the lattice for under our back porch.


Thanks so much for the clever idea! I love your square trellis; where I live, it is hard to find, most of the stores here carry the diagonal type.


Deb, it's so simple to build! We did ours ourselves. Buy the wood from the lumber yard, cut to size, paint it and let dry. Screw together from the back = no visble screw holes from the front! Hey presto!


I missed posting the other day and wanted to let you know that your blog is my new favorite! Such detailed, practical,and very inspiring ideas! I found your blog through Walk Slowly Live Wildly.com She had posted one of your pictures on flickr as one of her favorites. What a fun discovery! I am from Arkansas in the U.S. I live a world away from you, but yet feel connected...Thank you!

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