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July 31, 2008


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Gorgeous apartment! Thanks for sharing...


Love seeing the evolution of your style. The color scheme of navy and red with the buttery yellow walls sounds yummy. I'm curious as to happened to your enthusiasm for tartans, as I can see the appeal of this color scheme with the tartans/checks during the winter months.


This is a wonderful space. Cozy and warm. Sweet memory. It often surprises me how many wonderful things you find in the dumpsters, thrift store or yard sales.


Hmmm my apartment is a wee bit bigger than your old apartment, I am going to shoot some shots after I rease some clutter


Jean, I still like the look of tartans, but I guess after having had them around the house for so many years earlier just moved on in new directions since.


It looks like you have always had a timeless style.Those photos could have been taken yesterday and still look good.I really like how warm they feel.

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