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July 29, 2008


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Etsy is the best!! I have recently revived my shop, and it's doing pretty well. Thanks for the tips!!


Tina J

Av ren nyfikenhet - du har aldrig funderat på att trycka robotarna på kuddfodral..? :-) Jag skulle defintivt köpa dem i så fall... *hint, hint*



Thank you so much for this comprehensive approach, Benita! This has been really helpful and I'll keep an eye on the comments to this post. Thank you again! :)


Jag hade gärna startat en etsyshop.. verkar lite knepigt men roligt. Kankse kunde få mer av mina posters sålt där än på mig blogg :) Gillar dina kattkuddar, tyvärr är jag en fattig student,annars skule jag shoppa ihjäl mig på etsy. Man skulle eg börja en sida där man kunde köra byteshandel... det hade vart kul!


Thanks for sharing your etsy experience. I've also been selling on etsy for 3 months now and wrote a 3 months review on my blog. You are right, it can be fulfilling to have a shop, I love the fact that I can indulge in my creativity and share my designs with other like minded people. My blog is at www.madebylova.wordpress.com and my etsy shop is at www.handmadewithjoy.etsy.com


good advice! i just started an etsy about a week ago, so every tip is welcome. :) www.ladyjenevive.etsy.com

i love your blog! my husband and i were drooling over your house and he almost fainted when he saw the boat.... it's his dream to buy an old beat up boat and refurbish it. lol


Thank you all so much for your comments and links!
Tina J, inga robotkuddar just nu, men kanske längre fram vem vet?! :)

Tina J

Haha, då får jag hålla tummarna och hoppas med andra ord - för det skulle gå sååå perfekt ihop med hur min sons rum ska se ut framöver... :-)


Yay, Etsy! You can see my shop at birchbarksoap.etsy.com :)


Men hel knäppt. jag har postat här innan och det står inte ens lisa utan det står Concha istället?!?! what?


oj nevermind. jag som läste fel *generad*


What great advice! I just opened my shop and these tips are going to help a lot :)

ps I love the cats!


i found your blog through a house tour
(off the top of my head I can't remember which)
and then came to your blog and for some reason
drawn to back track page by page the last
couple of days...

anyway, one thing I learned about having an
etsy shop at least for me. I keep all my
shipping within the US but make sure that
anyone outside of the US who is insterested
in purchasing the item to get intouch with me.

I will reserve the item then go the post office.

What I do is get the package ready for shipping
and get the all the necessary info for paperwork
and the exact cost for shipping weight and then
let them know.

If they are agreeable I will change the S/H and
they can do the transaction.

That makes it much easier because I have a variety
of vintage items and they are all different weights.

Since I already know the basic shipping within the US,
this makes it much easier and better customer service
for those outside the US and much fairer to the them...

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