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July 30, 2008


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You are so inspiring. Maybe I'll take your lead and do some cleaning this weekend.

I am interested in the item next to your stool in the picture. Is that a little house for your cat(s)? I love it. Is it shaped like a cat head? Can you remember where you got it?


Barb, the kitty bed is from Whiskas! I got it on Ebay after seeing one in somebody else's home in a magazine. Try do a "cat bed whiskas" search. We've had it about two years now and it's only quite recently that Mini and Bonus have starting to use it. It used to be empty, but all us humans love the look of it so it has stayed :)

Anna @ D16

I am fastidious about vacuuming the upholstered furniture and the mattress! I love using the the special attachment and taking all of the cushions off. It feels so good!

We have a show in the US called "Clean House", and it always makes me want to immediately go and scrub every surface from top to bottom (and throw away 75% of my possessions!). The people on the show are always SO messy and dirty and disorganized and have a ton of junk lying around -- it's maddening!


I wanted to let you know that I love your blog, your home is beautiful and I'm curious as to where you found your adorable cat box.

Thanks so much for all the great iformation and beautiful photos!


Your mattresses are so much thinner than ours.I would have a hernia trying to get mine off the bed! It takes my super human strength to flip them over every now and then!
I love it when we are in France and see the duvets etc hanging over balconies and having a good airing.
Love the kitty bed too.


I think the best UK cleaning show is "Anthea Turner, Perfect Housewife", although to be honest I think she could take a few tips from you. I am not sure about the "Houses Behaving Badly" show. They advised a woman expecting a baby to get one of those dirty disposable nappy storers - who wants one of those in the house - what's wrong with emptying the bin regularly? (Or using reusables...).

April in CT

I think we have the same mop! It's so handy for cleaning the floors, walls and ceilings. This post really makes me want to find a place for an outdoor clothes line and start airing things out around the house. We haven't lived here long so I'm still feeling my way around for the most organized way to do things.

Beautiful pictures! :)


Hej, jag är en ganska ny läsare av din blog och tycker verkligen om att titta in här ibland! Jag undrar var du har köpt det coola katthuvuvdet? Ser ut att vara ett bra krypin för en katt! :-)



I get the same way every time I see a show like that!! The best is when they do the swab tests to see what sort of stuff is in their homes and it really makes you sick that people can live in such filth. Even the bf can't take his eyes off the tv when HGTV has those shows!!!


Slipcovers are another great tip for the new house couple (I can't remember if you put that in that post).


Since you write in english I'll just pass out my question and admiration to you in english as well!

Since we live in an almost identical house I would like to know where you keep all your "nick-nacks", vases and things like that, that you don't expose for the moment being?
I must say your blog is my favourite! Every day I take a peek to see what you've been up to.You inspire me!

Söker ni dekoratör eller samordnare påditt jobb?



You are so inspiring! I am moving into a new home in 2 weeks, and your blog is the inspiration for the new place. Everything is going to be clean & beautiful - just like your home- except with lots of colors, because I like color with white accents instead of white with color accents. This post has me thinking about the cute clothesline in my new back yard. Can't wait to hang some linens on it!


How clever that you DIY-ed the bed skirt! Great idea! I really look forward to my Chez Larsson fix ;-)


Här är en till som undrar över kattkorgen. Superfin! Var kommer den ifrån?

Ganska ny läsare, och tycker du har en helt underbar blogg!


Thought you might like this one: An old upholsterer gave us this handy tip, and it really works: if you get a mark on your light-coloured furnishing fabrics, try rubbing it with a baby wipe - the very cheap generic ones work fine, and cost very little.


Thank you all so much for your comments :)

Smalltowngirl, Cecilia and Eva, the kitty bed is from Whiskas. I got it on Ebay after seeing one in somebody else's home in a magazine. Try do a "cat bed whiskas" search.

Kicki, I'll show you my nick nack cabinet soon :)

Rachel, I love that tip. Will try it on the next mark which will occurr soon I'm sure!


I second Kristy, American mattresses are unreasonably ginormous, with huge springs(I shudder to imagine what goes on inside them that can never be cleaned out!). Is this the standard mattress in Sweden, or do these have a certain name and/or brand? I like the simplicity and lightness a lot.

Thanks for this Blog!


Tamara, our mattresses are all from IKEA. I can see on their site that the US mattresses are different to the Swedish ones. Ours are like thick padded box springs and then we add an overlay mattress on top which can be as thin as 1/2" or as thick as the one we use which is 2".

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