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August 27, 2008


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Very clever... a great hide for an eyesore!


If only I could put something like that over my whole house!
Dungeon disappeared!


Very very very cool. Good job.


The sewing area turned out very nice and I like the splashes of color you added! You must have your head filled with all the great projects you can get started on down there! Good luck and have a save trip to New York :)


Very clever solution. the sewing nook is looking great. Do you feel more creative in that environment?

and I love your fabric choices, so bright. Do you have a plan for the fabric?


I agree, this is a very clever solution.
Me and hubby share your love of the color white and MDF, although that one is newfound. Wonderful material :))


Sååå fint... och smart...


Well done and a great solution!
Your sewing nook is each day nicer, specially now with a small touch of color!

lindenhaus - california

Ahhh! You are the Masters of MDF! Your sewing space looks terrific. Kudos to you!


So ingenious! I love the way your space is coming together - it looks wonderful.

But who is the mystery visitor?!


Love all your comments! Thank you!

Karen, I do feel more creative down there where it's easy access to the sewing machine. Having to bring everything out before made it harder to get going. I don't hve any particuar plans for the fabrics. A lot will be turned into pillows probably.


very clever and inspired!


Hello. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. You have a lovely home and a great blog. I'll be back to visit soon.


Do unwanted "critters" come up from the hole?


Malena, we do have quite a lot of spiders downstairs but I really don't mind. In fact I make sure not too suck them up while vacuuming. I kind of like them. If there was anything slimy though I would freak out, but luckily there isn't :)

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