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September 28, 2008


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I love Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) for giving things to people in your area. It's such a brilliant concept, and there are people who will take anything! :)


sorting out is one of my favorite activities! i give part of the stuff to friends and family, like you do. some things go to the second hand shop in the area and i also donate books to the local library.


Jag bara älskar din blogg!!!!! Satt i timtals i fredags med ett glas vin och ropade på min man att komma och titta hela tiden. Nu skall vi bygga ett skoställ/hylla efter att inspirerats av ditt fina bygge!!! Någonstans finns det en ordningsam och organiserad tjej hos mig med, jag komemr närmare den med din hjälp och alla dina tips!

Önskar dig en fin måndag!!



This is the best way,(specially on the receiving end) a friend just gave us some stuff and it felt like getting a care package!


I am a visual learner and it helped me so much to see the photos of your various items that are leaving your house.

I too love to sort out things and package them up to leave the house.

Your post was quite inspiring to me. I will be sorting out even more items this week.


sherrieg, I've heard of freecycle but I don't think it excists here in Sweden. Will try and find out though because it's such a cool idea. I usually give away larger pieces of furniture by placing an ad saying "free" on "Blocket" (Sweden's "Craigslist"). I'm happy to get rid of things so quickly, they are usually gone the same day, and the person picking it up is happy to get something for free :)


Caroline, vad kul att du gillar min blogg :)

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