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October 31, 2008


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carol k

My favorite is the mummy.He is anotomically correct, right to the bones! I love the "Scream" pumpkin too. Happy Halloween!


That cracks me up about your neighbors! Happy Halloween!!!


Oooh great pumpkins! I made a martha pumpkin this year too:


We had this evening many kids ringing and singing and gave away about 2 kg of chocolate and some fruits (chocolate was more popular!)...they were so many this year that I didn't have anything to give to the last group! I gave the a bottle of Coke, I don't drink it and my husband can live healthy too LOL


Jag undrar om jag skulle kunna få låna bilden på dina pumpor så jag kan länka från min blogg?
Jag vet att halloween redan är vöer.. men jag blev alldeles kär i din prickiga pumpa!

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