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October 28, 2008


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Hi Benita - so your birthday is in December?

This time of year I'm particularly drawn to deep, warm reds like the shade of a small maple leaf. My mother decorated my room with orange and yellow during the 1970's and I had a hard time sleeping in that room! In recent years, however, I've have a renewed respect for orange - in small doses. No purple whatsoever for me, but I've found it appealing in its use in the homes of others. In other words, I respect the color, it's just not for me.

sweet pink

Hey Benita,
I'm a December girl too!
are you a sag?

I love all colors- but have never been a fan of yellow, it makes me want to cringe. (except when i see it in your house!) I read your blog all the time :) thought I would finally drop a note. My favorite color is pink- i lean towards soft pink rather then the brighter end.
Keep up the great work!


hmm... i like all colors and i'm constantly wanting to change them in my house. however, for big ticket items, i tend to stick to shades of brown or white. i can't commit to a colorful couch or wall color.

I don't care for maroon.


love gray, yellow and green [in all different shades]


For years I've been drawn to warm colors - mainly, orange, burgundy and red - but lately I've been getting sick of these...
I'm now in the mood for greens, blues and white, and I'm making the necessary changes at home in accordance with that. I've started out with replacing my living room cushions - an easy yet effective way to make a big difference.

carol k

I thought you might be a Sagittarius. Me too!what's your birth date (if I can ask)? Mine is 12/17.I saw a little mug with an archer on it on one of your posts (you were using it as a pencil cup on your desk). I thought you might be a December baby too.


I'm in LOVE with yellow. It's so happy. I also love light gray walls and recently I saw a photo of light gray walls and there were light yellow curtains. It looked wonderful! I'm also a big fan of green. I guess Molly (above) and I are similar!


I'm in LOVE with yellow. It's so happy. I also love light gray walls and recently I saw a photo of light gray walls and there were light yellow curtains. It looked wonderful! I'm also a big fan of green. I guess Molly (above) and I are similar!


I love the colors in your home! My bedroom s painted turquoise and the mini pumpkin I placed on my nightstand makes me so happy every morning!


I love orange too, I like the deep one that's almost red paired with a light olive kind of colour. I didn't know Halloween was big in Sweden, it's catching on a bit in Iceland too, but you don't really see people carving out pumkins. They're great for home decoration though, they come in such wonderful colours... maybe I should try my hand at doing a centre piece for the dining table... hmmm...


My birthstone is also Turquoise and I used to find it rather flat and bland, because most of the turquoise jewelry one sees is that single color. Then I lived in the American southwest for many years, and saw lots of variation in the colors of the stone. I had a silver ring for many years (sadly lost now) with a single, large piece of Mexican turquoise that ranged from deep cobalt blue to green!

Peachy Keen

I LOVE apple green, and currently, at home, it is paired with aqua and orange (with smaller hits of red and pink)!

And I totally agree with you about purple. It just doesn't work for me (and I am going to my friends purple themed wedding this weekend - ARGH!)


Hi! I've been lurking for a bit now and wanted to say that I love these glimpses of your home - it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing - it's inspiration for me to get my home looking the way I want (we've only been here a 15 months...).

Where did you find the cat bed? My kitten would love the privacy of it!

Barb F (Australia)

I have to agree with you about purple. And peach. Ugh!


My kitchen here in Louisiana is about the same orange on your closet doors. I love it! The room glows at night when you look through the windows from the sidewalk outside. And it never fails to lift my spirits and make me smile. Crisp white trim, white window coverings, pottery from Italy hung around. It's a happy place.


Well, my favorite color is black. I like to wear it and would use it as decoration in the future. In the lower part of my house I have decorated it in warm colors. My inspiration was Italian/Tuscany. But instead of doing the usual muted tones, I did bright ones. My living room is yellow with red furniture. My kitchen ir red with white cabinets, my dining room is a dark spiced pumpkin color. The bathroom is three shades lighter than the dining room.

Upstairs, the master is a glacial blue color, the master bath is a bright white, the nursery is a celery color, the guest bathroom is a light and medium green tones, the guest bedroom, which will be my son's soon is light green with one wall painted as an undersea mural. Not completed yet.

I am really starting to get into Gustavian design so in the future perhaps I could decorate like that. But it will be many years.


peach and purple are like finger nails on a chalkboard to me. I made the mistake a couple of yrs ago and painted the livingroom purple. it got repainted very soon after. BLECH. I love minty green, yellow, red and khaki.

Heather Espana

Guess what? My house is a combination of mostly white...and orange, with some chocolate brown and aqua thrown in. :) Orange is scrumptious. I can't seem to get enough of it! And I totally agree about the purple, except I don't even kinda like lavender. Ich ;).


Where have you found that wonderful cat-bed?! Usually they are quite awful, haven't seen nothing like yours!


Det låter som du beskriver mitt rum som jag hade på 70-talet! :-)
Jag har också haft svårt för turkost, men det har gradvis ändrats. Jag tror det var när jag såg pysselrummet hos Posie Gets Cozy... Riktigt snygg väggfärg!
Annars gillar jag faktiskt lila, särskilt plommonlila!


Your aqua and orange combos are so cheery! I painted my bathroom walls aqua to beach-ify the icky yellow tiles. I love chocolate browns best--my living room is so cozy with it, and the hallway is a shade lighter--mocha--with subtle gold sparkles. That, and grassy green in the kitchen and study make my day (and my husband can live with it, too).


Wow, that was so much fun reading about your favourite and not so favourite colors!

Sarah and Sara, the cat bed is from Whiskas. I saw it in a magazine a few years ao and had to have it so I found one on ebay. Do a "Whiskas cat bed" search and you too might get lucky :)

And yes, I am a Sagittarius. My birthday is December 21st.


Blue is an alltime favourite, in different shades. In my former house I had a rather dark turquoise sofa, which I loved at the time. The rest of the house was all in (as my nephew reminded me ever so nicely last week) white, grey and transparent...

In the house we moved into last year, I'm more into different wood tones, red and ochre combined with a softer yellow...


Jag trodde aldrig någonsin att jag skulle ha orange i mitt hem...och nu håller precis färgen att torka i ena sonens rum, och ja, det blev orange! :-)
Annars så gillar jag verkligen turkos/aqua och gärna i kombination med brunt eller rött! Hmm...när jag tänker efter så gillar jag nog de flesta färger *LOL* Skulle dock inte välja gult i mitt hem...


I used to not like turquoise either and now it's probably my favourite colour. But like you it's the light aquas that I love. I'm liking orange lately too.

At first I was not interested in purple but I keep seeing so many designers using it now that it's so "hot" and I'm suddenly liking purple again... not in my house yet but for my new quilt.

I think you have the secret - if you use lots of white you can use lots of colour too and still have the house look light and airy. Your home is beautiful!


I actually love orange - so much so that I committed to a huge orange chair for my living room. Surprisingly, it seems to go well with so many other colors, like your turquoise. By the way, I love your hej! pillow. Where can I get one???

joanna goddard

ha, such a cute pillow!


odetoeveryday, I made the pillow so it's a one off. Maybe I should start mass production :)


I totally agree! I used to think I hated orange, but it's the rusty oranges I hate, and I love the bright *clean* orange! I cant decide if I should use that or a bright red for the accent in my very white & light aquamarine colored home.... I've got a little bit of both.. Hmmm..
Anyway, yes, purple is very 'in' right now, but it's never ever been one I like.. at ALL. I love the flower lavender but that's about as much purple as I can stand! I also hate brown right now.. I so prefer grey instead!


Please do! I'll be the first one in line to buy one!

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