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October 27, 2008


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Welcome back! (can I say that if we're on different continents? regardless, you get the drift)

Can't believe you're already done with the book proposal. Congratulations! Keep us up to date on responses (and know that you've already sold some copies!). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Thanks for sharing the photos from your trip - it was great fun to vacation vicariously! (even if you were on a business trip, I got to see enough fun stuff that it was more vacation for me)


Glad you're home safe and sound. Sleep well.


Lovely yellow house!!!!!


Great to have you back! Take care! Good luck with your book.


Glad to hear you made it home safely! Sleep well...


Beautiful photos, lovely theme. Even more impressive that you made the post while jet-lagged!


I've enjoyed the trip to HG & China, but very happy that you're back to our continent and to your beautiful home. Good luck with the book proposal. As a writer and translator I promise I'll translate your book to Croatian language. Can't wait for it!

Tajana from Croatia

Ksenia in Canada

Congratulations on finishing your proposal! I love your get-it-done-yesterday style ;-). I know you can't blog about it, but of course we are sooooo curious :-D.


Amzing. After such a trip I only hang around...


you amaze me. where is your time for a nap, ha! i love all the yellow.


Welcome back!
Loved the trip. Sleep well.

Yellow is cool!... I mean,... such a warm and cheerful color.


Welcome back. Boy you did a lot when you got home hope you had a good nights sleep. Good luck with the book!


I have really enjoyed following your blog while you have been away. You take wonderful pictures, always transmiting that feeling of calm and colourful environment. I am very impressed at the way you pack your suitcase so efficiently. A lesson to learn for me!


Welcome back. I think you're great!!!


Great to have you back:) very nice post. I really like yellow.
Like @Tajana from Croatia, i'm thinking about translating your book into Thai language.

Kannika from Bangkok, Thailand


All I can say is WOW! You amaze me with your drive and energy. Wish I had just half of it, I would get so much more done!!!


I would do then the german part of the book :-))))

carol k

Thanks for the taking all your readers along for your travels. You have boundless energy. Amazing! I'd be flat on my back at this point! I love the quality of your photos and your upbeat and funny comments.
I hope you are over the jet lag soon!
I am so excited about a book fom you! I hope all goes smoothly.


Takk for en fin blogg som jeg ofte leser! :) Jeg lurer på hva slags ramme du har på "Keep calm and carry on"-trykket ditt? Jeg har det samme gule og er på leting etter en som passer! :)


Kaiti, I did an in between a query letter and a complete book proposal... just e-mailed it this afternoon... Yikes!

Kannika,ana and tatjana, thank you for your sweet offers! Wouldn't that be fun!!!

Kaija, ramen är från Gallerix här i Sverige. Affishmått 40x60 cm.

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