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October 30, 2008


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Brandi H.

What was for dinner?!!
I think that looks very beautiful. Peaceful. The skulls ROCK. I wonder if they sell those over here somewhere! Did you find time to carve pumpkins? I am sure they are nice if you did. Thanks for peek into your week (very dark indeed).


Beautiful and serene table setting!
I have a question about the dining room window sill - did you add something there? In the photos it appears to be made of marble or granite, but it's hard to tell.


Those votive holders are beautiful. I love the thickness of the glass. Simple and elegant.
Thanks for sharing!


Hi Benita,
Would you mind telling whether your votives are the 60mm or 80mm size?


I like your weekend-table, I also try to swich to candles on weekends. I adore candles of all sizes...your posting reminded me, next ikea visit, many many candles to buy...




WOW, your table is gorgeous! love...


I can only dream of a dining area so crisp and clutter-free... I love the votives.


My daughter(5) loves those spiders creepy eyes.


Brandi, we're a little behind so our pumpkins are being carve after work today.
Dinner was very unexciting, macaroni and meatballs :)

Jean, the windowsills are Swedish marble "Kålmårdsmarmor" and are original to the house which ws buit in 1936. I actually prefer white painted sills but the good thing about marble is that dust doesn't show much :)
The votives themselves are 37 mm in diameter (Glimma from IKEA) and the votiv holders are 65 mm in diamater on the outside.

Kelli, so do I :)



(I actually jumped away from my laptop...)


It's amazing how quickly it gets dark here in Scandinavia now. I don't like any bright over heads lights, so I light candles every night, and use leg lamps for soft undirect light. Iittala design is gorgeous. I have a lot of it including Kivi votive holders, such a simple and elegant design which comes in many beautiful colors. I also like the Iittala and Marimekko co-product Mariskooli for candles. I noticed that you had an Aalto vase in your earlier post. They are timeless!

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