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November 25, 2008


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I love them! :)


This totally inspired me to make a wreath, too. I have some greenns here and an old wreath base from last year. :-)


WONDERFUL job on these, I bet they smell so wonderful!! :)


Beautiful! This has inspired me to try to make my own wreath this year instead of buying one from our farmer's market. Thank you!


Lovely! Thank you for the inspiration.


I love how naturally beautiful your wreaths are without lots of added embellishments. I also love the window in your front door! How did you engrave your name on it? It is a wonderfully welcoming window.


The wreaths look great! maybe I'll try one this weekend (between coveted knitting time) And projects with a cat helper - always the best :^)

Ksenia in Canada

Simple. Pretty.

The holiday season starts in December as far as I'm concerned, so I'm filing this idea away ;-).


Just beautiful. So wish we had suitable trees so I could try making my own wreath. But being Summer here in Australia I'm not sure how it would hold up anyway.



Please do a post about the applique "Larsson" you have in your window. I love it!


It llok great!Simple and nice.

"Bonus helped me cut everything into 10 cm / 4""



They look great! I also love your windowbox. :)


Those are beautiful!


I've never made a wreath before. Can you tell me how you tie the greenery to the base? Is there a technique?


I really love these! Once again, you have inspired me!


Beautiful wreaths, Benita. Martha Stewart would be proud!

Anna - Balkongliv

Oh, I think I have some kind of fetisch for wreaths... ;-) Yours are gorgeous! I love that they are all green, very stylish. I really should get around to make my own. I even have the cats to help me - a necessity, obviously. ;-)

Petra from the Netherlands

I agree with all of the above; yes, lush green wreaths without too much fuss, great!


Beautiful, a bit of green with all that snow. Here snowed yesterday, but it is not cold enough and it was gone in a few minutes.
Keep on giving us Christmas deco ideas.



Glad you like them :)

Pamela, as I was making them I was thinking I wished you all could smell it :)

Ksenia, over here we celebrate first of Advent on Sunday which sort of starts off our holiday decorating. I'm always ahead on this though as I love all the decorating before the holidays but am also one of the first to take everything down after...

Karen and Wendy, I'll do that.

Tessa, I started off by tying the wire around the wreath once and securing by twisting the wire. Then took a few sprigs of greenery at a time, laid against the base and pulled the wire tight, added more sprigs, pulled tight, etc. The wire I had was on a small spool so I went through the hole in the breath base with the whole spool which also gave me something solid to hold on to and pull. I went all around the wreath like this and held the wite taught all the time and at the end I clipped the wire and twisted the ends together with the ends of the wire where I started out. The tricky part is to hold everything taught all the time so it doesn't unravel.


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Simply beautiful!


what do you put in your windowboxes? are those plants or cuttings?


christy, those are planted little mini-junipers.


That is beautiful. Very fitting of the season, it fits so well with the snow etc.


I love seeing photos from Sverige. We love Sverige. Thanks for sharing!

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