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November 28, 2008


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lovely :o)
thanks for sharing I can't wait to start advent and the holiday.

many blessings to you and your family.


OOOHHH - so THAT'S what all that white moss on sale at Willy's was for!! LOL. My husband brought home some amaryllises and hyacinths last night. I put the white moss on top of the hyacinths' bulbs. Is that OK?


Vår familj tjuvstartar också med glögg och pepparkakor tidigt, tror att det var i slutet av oktober i år. Och när julen är över så är det så skönt att ta bort allt pynt och få ett helt luftigt hem. Vi brukar ta bort allt strax efter nyår.

Brandi H


I love all of the beautiful lights. Could you tell me if you bought, or made the paper stars? Also, that wreath that's made of lights? I love it!

It all looks so lovely. I am going to go and buy an amaryllises flower, if I can find one. They are so pretty.

Thank you.


Oh it looks so pretty Benita!

I opened my Christmas trunk this morning - with lots of squeals of delight from my son and some from me too. I love seeing it all again.

If only we had snow and dark evenings. It would make things seem much more cosy than it does for us now that it's summer here.

The wreath is up and the advent calendar ready to go. My 4 year old Toby is bursting to get in to it!

I'll do the rest of the decorations on December 6th. No maybe the 1st. Ok I'll just put a few more lights up now!

Thanks for the constant inspiration!


That's all so lovely and peacefull...


It's beautiful, Benita. In winter (I can see you have lots of snow outside), it's lovely to have things that are green and growing and to have light.


So beautiful and peaceful.


Monica, all these new tradition must be confusing :) Ok, you may just this once out the white moss on the hyacinths. But next year they go in the advent candle holder. Right!? :)

Brandi H, the white paper stars are bought. I have five up this year. Love them.

Lizzy, the now is gone now :(


Oh, sorry Brandi I missed your other question. The lit wreath is from IKEA.

Petra from the Netherlands

Just yesterday I received a wreath, meant to be put down on a flat surface... it's square and on the corners it has 4 tealight holders, so I guess it could be used for Advent... but then I would miss out on having the candles burning more often, plus to me Advent is really a religious thing. I am not into that personally...

So I don't think I will use it as a real "Advent-wreath".
I do remember my parents having this candlestick holder meant for 4 candles. My sister always has a candle with numbers on it, so you burn a little piece each day.

As for taking down the decorations, for us traditionally that was done January 6th, which is the day the 3 Kings arrived at the stable. That night, the candles in the tree were lit one last time, and after that, we took down the decorations and the tree.

Benita, in the link you posted, I read about a Christmas market. Every year, we visit a christmas market, usually in Germany. Is yours any good??


Petra, our tradionnal advent candle holders are staight with four candles and when you light then one at a time each Sunday before Xmas it creates a stepped effect. Yours sounds like a regular candle holder so go ahead and light them all at once :)

Our family is not religious at all and here in Sweden advent is not consdered a very religious thing for most people. Advent 1st just sort of marks the day where all the decorations go up. The lit advent candles to most people are just an excuse to cozy up our homes and count down to Christmas.

I'm sure there are people to whom it is still a religious event and to them the lighting of the candles has a different meaning than to us.

I haven't been to any of the Christmas markets in years. Our are nothing like the German ones though. I know that much.


Got it!! I promise to move the moss to the advent. But I have these advent dolls my svårmor gave me - could be tricky!! LOL. :-)

Petra from the Netherlands

yep, that's the kind my parents had as well, the straight one with 4 candles which will have the stepped appearance over the weeks...


Happy first advent!
I totally missed it this year and even haven't had time to put up some christmas decoration...Have to do this on the weekend. Love yours :)

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