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December 27, 2008


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Jag hade tänkt att rensa bland min dotters leksaker och på våra kattvindar... Men så blev det inte. Har varit sjuk hela julen men är nu på bättringsvägen!
Men jag får ta nya tag när jag känner mig piggare :-)
Lycka till med att-göra-listan!


You are just plain inspiring. My list is as follows: Stop organizing vicariously through Chez Larsson and ACTUALLY organize something in own life...

happy holidays--dp


oh benita - how can you do all that in a couple of days?!? that would be a list for a year for me and i would be happy if i would get everything done in that period! i so look up to you!!

Lisa {borrowed heaven}

Best wishes with your list! Can't wait to read about your progress!


Excited to see the "new" boatroom. I'm exhausted just reading the list. I hope you have plenty of food stocked away so that you can nibble as you go!


Goodness! You are ambitious. But its fun to have all those projects, huh? I'm sort of looking forward to coming home from my Christmas vacation and getting back to my projects!

Charlotte K

You're making me tired! But...inspired!

I am clearing out a bedroom that has been used as a storeroom, going thru all my files, boxes, buying new storage items, etc., etc. I won't get it all done in a week, though!


You are far too industrious! A question: where did you come by the wonderful artwork (vespa) in the photo with the candy canes?

Petra from the Netherlands

I agree with the others, wow, what a list! I hope you will post pictures, can't wait!

I started organizing the attic yesterday and boy, was I tired in the evening. I don't know how you do it...


Wow that's a lot to do in 5 days. I am looking forward to your next posts.
Have a nice Sunday.


that's a big list! I hope you get it done. And if not are not discontent. On some days it just won't work. ;)


Wow, that is an impressive list. I am in the process of making my winter "to do" list. One thing leads to another and the list grows. I also have a kitty that I need to take into consideration when tackling certain projects. Lucky they are cute!


I know, it's a long list. Have ticked off some already but I doubt I'll get it all done. I do have a week after new year to finish it off though which is a relief. Petra, I do get trired to, really tired but the sense of acomplishment afterwards is much greater so I don't mind.

Kristianna, you can find it here http://merimeri.com

DawnMarie, they are sooo cute. A little bit upset at the mo because I keep shooing them out of the boatroom AND it's cold outside so they're a bit bored :)


Thank you Benita. :)


Hi Benita, When you post the boat room pics, I'm very much interested in hearing why you chose to wallpaper rather than paint. I don't recall seeing wallpaper anywhere else in your house. And the Blurb book you mentioned, is that "the book" and have you decided to self-publish?


Jean, it's not patterend paper, it's lining paper or whatever it's called. The walls were covered in fabric before only because it seemed like a quick solution at the time I did it about nine years ago. The walls underneath are covered in a "vintage" insulative material which I couldn't bear rip out and start over. Now I found this heavy duty lining paper which almost feels like card stock. It covers a multitude of sins I can tell you :) I just finished the papering and will now have to wait 24-48 hours before I can paint on top. Nothing exciting, it will be white. Martin's request (to my surprise).

About the book, I've decided not to write one big book but possibly a few smaller ones each with it's own subject. I have the general idea down for the first one and I'll keep you posted on my progress. Martin works in the printing industry and he may be able to help me print one myself thus self publishing, but I'm starting out using Blurb, just to get an idea of layouts, in particular the first pages where all the info is. If it's too difficult to self publish I can always get the Blurb version out and sell my book through them :)


I wish you lots of energy. Sounds like a fun few days!

Monica Duarte

Dont you want to come to my house and do all of the wonderful things you do?

I'll have a slice of orange cake for you ;-)




Hej, gillar verkligen dina fina kuddar du gör. Går det att köpa dom i sek? Passar på att säga att du har jätte fint hemma och gillar allt du gör! Hej hej


Nicky, I don't keep the lists. There are always new lists and I'm always really happy when I can toss a piece of paper out!



I must know, do you sleep?
I'm sure someone else has asked you this question, but I'm just curious what's your average bed time? I'm convinced that in order to be as organized, crafty and clean as you are, one must sacrifice the beloved sleep. I think I once read somewhere that Martha Stewart gets an average of 4 hours of sleep a night!

I'm secretly hoping that's your answer so I can give up on ever being as organized as you;)

Thanks for being so inspiring, LOVE your blog.


wow - you're making me feel really inadequate all of a sudden...

Happy New Year!


linda, hör av dig med ett mail till mig så kan det nog ordnas :)


carolyn, I don't get enough sleep during the week I have to admit... On week nights I try to go to bed by 11 pm but don't always succeed. I then get up at about 5-5.30 am which makes about 6 hours of sleep. On weekends I sleep in until about 7 or 8 hich makes about 8 hour which is perfect!

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