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December 26, 2008


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glad you had a great Christmas sounds wonderful!

Enjoy your couple of days of quite - I am sure you will be busy!


thanks for sharing these photos!
Nice to read you had some nice christmas moments.
I read in a precedent post of you that you can't wait to put the christmas decoration down on Dec 26th. This year I wanted to put the tree up really early (did it on Dec 20th) but today I felt like christmas is over so put everything back into the boxes. I think I'll start slowly, at the latest on Sunday. ;) My mother-in-law feels like this, too. ;) This year is a strange year...

Erin Kleider

I saw some Grogg today at Ikea, but I had already made all of my purchases. I wish I had gotten some though as we drove 3 hours to get there.

Lovely table!


It looks absolutely lovely and delicious! Merry Christmas and have a great year!


That looks lovely! I love the white tulips...me thinks I'll be running out to get those when I get back home!


What presents did you receive? Are you difficult to buy presents for?


jued, I got a pair of Clark's desert boots from Martin and a bespoke book mark from Wille. Loved both presents! Unfortunately I'm difficult to buy for... I'm quite particular and don't want any unnecessary stuff. My mom knows this and sends me money and when asked I wish for gift cards at a local department store from my in-laws. I love to be able to go shopping after Christmas and get the stuff I really want and need :)


Your Christmas table looks so lovely!

Renee Pearson

Hi! A friend pointed me to your blog. I'm American, but my son lives in Stockholm with his sweetheart and their two children. My husband and I spent Christmas 2008 with them. We truly enjoyed our "Swedish" Christmas. Especially the food! My husband has posted about our holiday on his blog.


renee pearson


This table setting is delightful. I realise I am a little late to the party but can I ask where you got that lovely red vase that is holding the tulips? I adore it.
New to your blog and loving it!


The red vase was a find when they had a clear out at the job Martin had at the time. It's a Swedish Orrefors vase and it's even signed! Lucky us, huh?! :)


Wow - very lucky you! Thanks for letting me know. Happy weekend!

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