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December 03, 2008


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Wow, it's fantastic Benita! We'll be putting one up in our garage soon and I totally thought of your last post on your drying line. Now I have lots of Chez Larsson options! I'll be linking as well.


Awesome idea! I wish I had room for something like this!

carol k

Hi Benita-
This is an awesome solution to creating hanging drying space! We just finished remodeling our laundry room. I am trying to come up with a creative solution to having hanging space for drying. We do not have 2 walls to put a line or hanging bar up. I was thinking galvanized pipe hanging from the ceiling? What do you think? or any other ideas?

Brandi H.

You have the best ideas Benita. Thanks for sharing with us. Bummer about the heating system. Question, when you hang dry your things, do they sometimes feel stiff after drying? I know I hang dry some things, but before taking to iron or put away, I throw them in the dryer on 'tumble press' to soften and get some wrinkles out.

Also, do you know any more about your book? Will you pursue another publisher after the holidays? Obviously, I am looking forward to it :)

The Rauths

brilliant! i am going to try this.


Good lord. I can't believe the creative solutions you come up with every time. You are so clever!


Geez girl, you never stop amazing me! I love the way you maximize your space. So efficient and always good lookin. Thanks for sharing your projects. I love seeing them.


I'm impressed. Great ingenuity!

Kevin Graves

ME: SOOOOOOOOO Stealing this idea!

You really should send this in to apartment therapy. They would be agog!!!

Simplicity. Perfection. Thanks!


Carol, I like your idea! Maybe you can assemble a rectangle, drill holes in the short sides, thread the line back and forth and mount it or have a pully system from the ceiling?! I love galvanized... Above the line I have there's a metal pole with hangers where all shirts and tops are hung when drying, makes for less ironing and creases.

Brandi, our laundry does get stiff from hanging... Martin loves that stiff as a board feeling on both jeans and towels...

About the book, I'm taking some time off over the holidays and will have some alone time when Martin and Wille leave to visit family in the south of Sweden. I'm going to try and figure out my next step then. I don't think I'll send it off to any more publishers though. It will be a diy thing probably in one way or another.

Kevin, steal away :)


Great post! Sooooooooo clever!
You turned an awkward little corner into a practical functional space! I would LOVE to have a basement like yours, for all those odd jobs like laundry and sewing.
Shame about the heating system though, guess most people didn't think about the long term...


Hi Benita,

I have become a fan ever since I discovered your blog. Hats off to your new invention, I will surely be implementing that in my laundry.

I check your blog everyday, can't wait to read new things you been doing everyday, its a pleasure to see your organised home Sad I am not that organised.


Great idea, Benita. Here in Brazil, most households use a system attached to the ceiling that we get down to hang the clothes, and put back up to dry. I innocently thought this was the same system adopted elsewhere in the world. I was wrong. In this link http://www.redesdeprotecao.com/varal.htm you see different types of systems. The two ones on the top are attached to the ceiling and the others are wall-mounted.
And as for the person who asked about clothes getting stiff, as my laundry area is very well ventilated, if I don't let clothes hang for too long after drying, they do not get stiff at all.


Awesome! When my basement reno is complete I will lose my laundry line. Now I can stick it in the furnace space!


Awesome! We have a wooden one I bought at the thrift shop. When we need to have the clothes dry a little faster we turn a fan on it. One of those fans that you can take apart and clean. Don't want to blow dirt on clean clothes.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Karen the Californian

Brandi H, I'm not Benita, but my clothes are crunchy, too, after I line dry them. It used to bug me as well, until I started to put my clothes on plastic hangers and dry them upright (not draped over a line). Now they're stiff and crunchy, but now without that crease across the middle. And once it's worn, it softens up within minutes. But I have been known to tumble some of my daughter's fluffy clothes -- the clothes that have a pile to them, like velour.

Barb F (Australia)

Geez Benita, you're like the MacGyver of the interiors world! Love this solution, there is nothing you can't do.


What a fab idea! I have a collapsible clothes horse that I use, but i can't stand the thing, I hate having to hang laundry on top of one another, lots of parallel lines are the best solution along with clothes pegs. If only I had the space to do this! Excellent post.


Fernanda, We have those too, but I'm not keen on the designs of the ones available...

Barb, how cool to be compared to MacGyver. I loved that series :) Thank you!


pretty clever. It looks like art too!


Looks like a good idea, but seems like a lot of work for only that much space.

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