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December 29, 2008


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Grymt - då vet jag vad jag ska skylla på, för här ser ut som kriget med, tycker jag!... :D


Hey, it always has to get worse before it gets better. That's part of the process!


Keep my finger crossed for you that can clear the chaos as soon as possible. By the way (I look around) I keep my fingers crossed for me, too. ;) Having a cold doesn't have a favorable effect on doing so ;)
Hälsningar från Tyskland

Petra from the Netherlands

Oooooooohhhhhhhh......... I feel the same! In fact, me and my sweetie got in a bit of a tiff today because we were both fed up with the mess also caused by re-organizing. On saturday we started on the attic (me) and the "library"(him). And even though I didn't completely finish, at least I remember again what is in those boxes. All the old computer stuff is on one side of the attic, and all the nostalgic stuff on the other. It makes the final sorting and purging seem more manageable.
One other side is DONE! That's where we now keep all the travel stuff; luggage, dividers for inside the suitcases, travel-size toiletries, so we can take it all as handbaggage on the plane and don't have to worry about the liquids and gels at security check... that side also holds all the bedding for houseguests, extra duvets, duvetcovers and such...

Today we started on the built-in closet in the living room. Most of the time was spent on re-connecting the computer and stereo as well as on papering the shelves inside the closet. I got this very nice paper tablecloth at Ikea a while ago and it looks fabulous. I just hope it can withstand the wear and tear it will no doubt suffer...

So, the household is a bit behind but still, knowing what kind of stuff we have and where makes me feel a little bit better. A long way to go still...

Good luck with the rest of your list!


I have sympathy! You inspired me to clean my pantry - as I was removing stuff from the shelves and cleaning them I noticed my shelves are in BAD shape - when you recovered yours did you put the shelf liner all the way around the shelf - or just on the top? I'd love an answer as I'd be thrilled to have my pantry look as clean and tidy as yours! Thank you for the inspiration!


I know what you mean! I just spent my morning cleaning and taking down decorations. I am so glad to have my living room back!


Kim, I covered the top and about 4 inches below the shelf. The visible parts of the underneath I painted with emulsion paint first. I used a stapler to attatch it to the top and bottom


Don't know how I got on your blog, but just wanted to let you know that I adore it! Beautiful pictures and stories I recognize pretty well!
Good luck with all the work!


Oh the mess of the middle part! It's awful, isn't it?


I recently came upon your blog via flickr, I am thrilled. I love what you've done with your home + you're posts are inspiring. Thanks!


I am so happy! YOU are normal! ;) No really, I don't feel so bad now. Mess can and does happen. Now I am off to clean my mess up.

carol k

Happy Holidays, Benita!
I seem to find myself organizing all the areas that have been neglected(pantry,closets,family room) post Christmas. I am glad to see your mess. It helps me not to be so hard on myself about my mess.
I am excited to see your new wallpaper for the boat room.
One of my (many) questions - How often to you and Willie go through his things (toys,clothes,etc.) to organize and to give away?


To tell you the truth, it is such a boost to see that even your perfect home gets messy at times. I'm sure you're gonna put the mess away in no time. Good luck and happy 2009.


glad to see you have "messy days" like myself :-) love laundry days waiting for beds to all be freshly made though!!! I know your son is older but any ideas on how to store multitudes of toys for smaller children whilst still making them accessible for play? I need help!!! but just reading your blog makes more organised so thank you for that :-)
Lesley x


I stumbled on your blog today. It's beautiful and very inspiring!


Lol... If those pics are from your mess, you have to see my home somedays, lol...
Lovely first pic anyway!


Benita, You even inspire when your home is a wreck! (and this isn't even that bad). I can definitely relate ... This week, we are tackling the kitchen cabinets. Painting them white - icky oak color before. That means emptying everything out and putting it back. And because we have been so consumed with the kitchen, the rest of the home has been neglected for a few days. We are having a New Years Eve party at our house tomorrow night, so hopefully I will have the energy like you to keep moving on. Thanks for the great post!


Hej hej! Ville bara passa på att tacka för all kreativitet som du sprider runt omkring dig och inspirerar oss andra. Många kramar och en önskan om ett lyckligt och spännande nytt år! Kramar Lindzi


Carol, it's not actual wallpaper, it's lining paper which I've spent the day painting.. white.. not very exciting...

Wille and I go through his stuff about twice a year but as he gets older there's less and less to pass on. He's almost an adult now my big boy :)

Lesley, I've had that question a couple of times. Don't have any great photos though of what Wille's room looked like when he was younger. Wille was really into Lego and I had three under bed roll-out storage boxes. They in turn were divided into 1) built projects 2) Large special pieces (like ship hulls etc) 3) All the little pieces separated (4's, 6's, long one's, wheels and steering wheels, etc etc)in ice cream containers. It worked for us and was pretty easy clanup wise. Another story though when other kids came over and emptied everything onto the floor.. All kids are different and for me luckily Wille has been a pretty tidy guy :)

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