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December 30, 2008


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I laughed a lot while reading your post :) what a pity! :) How long do you have disco in there? ;)


All night Franziska, all night...


You go, Benita! I think it's very brave doing this all on your own!


Men vita tjusiga golv kan väl vara värda lite disco?


Oh my,I feel sorry for your neighbors!
Looks very clean and fresh as always.

Be careful with the smell of paint.


Go out and take a walk to clean those lungs! I love the fact that you painted all night. I love to get into hyper focus and finish a job, and it seems I can only do that when by husband and son are out (which is rare). The room looks fresh and clean!

Petra from the Netherlands

Your short term memory must have been affected by those vapours... mentioning the painting so many times ;-))

I think it's very brave to tackle such a big surface on your own, BRAVO!!


You know what Benita? ... I'm also painting ... and painting ... and painting. Floors, walls and ceilings. Did some Ikea shopping in between and now the Bo is painting and you know what in a little bit (when this bag of crisps is empty) I'll be doing some more painting!

I can smell the paint fumes in bed at night. Paint is good!

Anna @ D16

HAHA! Benita, we really are painting twins right now. I think I burned off a few years of my memory while I was painting the inside of the tiny closet. Oh my!

(I am still painting. I have paint in my hair, under my nails...)


I tried not to laugh about the disco, but that's absolutely the kind of thing I'd do. :)


That reminds me some walls I have here... :)

BTW, Benita, I just voted your blog for The Homies Best Home Design nominations on Apartment Therapy.

*hint*, *hint* everyone ;)


Haha! The fumes has gone to her head!! Looking great though! Was the floor white before?


Haha! The fumes has gone to her head!! Looking great though! Was the floor white before?


LOL!! Och naurattaa på finska.


Can you find the breaker and flip it so the power is off in that room? Just a thought...

Ksenia in Canada

Looks great! Bravo!

I also nominated you for the Homies :-)

Lilla huset på prärien

He, he!! Vad kul med radion - vilken grej!! Hoppas det är bra musik på i alla fall :)

Önskar dig ett riktigt GOTT NYTT ÅR!!

Kram Jenny


I also painted yesterday! As a new DIY I ruined my jeans and some of my hair...and had no music during that :-(


paint smell ??? we can smell it even in Gva ?! :) regarding the music.... can u put it louder ?!
Bravo !! you are very brave !
Thanks for your blog, I love dropping in and have a look at it ! Nice ideas.
Ciao !


Yvonne, Anna and jja, we could be the painting quadruplets! A global art installation!

Lindzi, the floor was white but painted nine years ago so it needed a bit of tlc and a couple of new coats of paint.

Lisa, great idea but I only read it this morning and was able to tip toe in there :)

carol k

I can't imagine doing this on your own! . My hats off to you! I know that what ever you do will be amazing.


so nice to hear everyone's comments and paint stories. i too go to bed smelling the paint fumes, but wake up to floors i love and it's all really good. happy new paint!


That is hilarious, I bet I wouldn't have thought of the radio either. I love white painted floors... can't wait to see the room finished in all its glory.


Benita, I am so new to all of this and your blog is very inspiring (in fact it's the first one I've kept reading for several days now). I have heard that one can cut down the harsh smell of paint by adding just a little bit of vanilla extract into the bucket. You may already know of this tip and have reasons for not doing that, but just in case it helps!

Thanks =)


Tamara, that's so cool! I'll have to try that!


Oh, I forgot to mention make sure to use clear extract... wouldn't want to discolor your beautiful white paint! =)


Got that :)


benita: are they concrete floors? did you paint them originally or were they already painted? if they WERE, did you have to scrape off existing paint? i have a concrete floor that is painted but with a terrible job..very chipped now that i've pulled up carpet. dying to paint it. do you have a tutorial on that? =) love everything you do!


That floor is wooden... I have painted the steps outside our front door though which is concrete. I scraped, brushed with a wire brush and sanded off as much of the loose paint as I could and painted over the rest with the new coat after cleaning thoroughly according to the paint manufacturer's instructions. I did this years before I starteed blogging though so no tutorial, sorry...

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