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January 30, 2009


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These are SO much more attractive than the plastic/vinyl ones that come with suits. And that's great news about the book!


Benita - I just love reading your blog and have been planning to make a garment bag for my boyfriend's tuxedo for a couple months now. Your instructions are so easy to follow and I'm looking forward to trying your project.

Can you tell us more about your book plans? Did you decide to publish through Blurb? Will those of us in the States be able to purchae it?

Thank you again for all of your daily inspiration!


YAY!!! Can't wait for your e- book!!!

Marianne in Oslo

Great idea - will definitely make some (and they look so much better than the plastic ones from Ikea...). Have a wonderful weekend in snowy Scandinavia!

Petra from the Netherlands

Good idea to use a grommet for the hole, easy to make and sturdy...

Oh yes, please tell us more about the book.

I ordered a photobook through Blurb, it should be delivered sometime next week. I'm really curious to see the quality.


how clever and resourceful


thanks for sharing the how-to. It's definitely something for my husband's suit and for a dress of mine which we wear very rarely.
And I'm happy about news of your book. Can't wait until I'm able to buy it.

Ksenia in Canada

Good luck with your work on the book! When I look at the mediocrity of the majority of home design/organization books, I predict that your book will really stand out.


Jen, I've almost decided to publish through Blurb. I keep getting all these great tips on other ways to publish but keep coming back to Blurb a) because I ordered the Yvestown book and like the quality and b)since I'll be having a lot of color photos in my book it works out to be not as expensive as some of the other companies when I've compared to.

I'll let you know in a post when it will be available and Blurb ships worldwide :)


Good idea.
All the best with your book. I had not heard of Blurb before and have just had a look at their website, looks interesting.

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