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January 28, 2009


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I love small bedrooms. I like feeling cosy! (Or to quote my beloved: what good is a bed if it isn't snug).


I like the room, it's cozy.


I love your room and your view of trees out the window!

Linda P

MDF är ju bra till mycket :) SÅg du bordet som MAtte och Willy gjorde i senaste Bygglov? Skiiiiitsnyggt!

carol k

Benita- thanks so much for the wonderful compliment about our home.
I LOVE this headboard!!! This is such a cool idea. I was not able to see the grommets in the earlier photos. I think this is a great and stylish solution to make a headboard and cover your radiator. Now if only you could solve the issue of why the bedroom is always too warm for many of our husbands you would make a fortune! It's about 15 F ,roughly -9 C,at night and my husband ALWAYS sleeps with the window open. Brrrrrrrrrr!
I am always so inspired by you. You have helped me pull our home together and have shown me that organizing can be stylish and fun! Thank you so much for showing me how this was made and for answering my many questions!

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