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January 19, 2009


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"That's Mini you're spotting down at the bottom in some of the shots by the way. She helped. A lot."


My husband does it the same way. I don't do this part with inside out but we need almost the same time to be finished...yes we measured LOL


Hm... är detta ett typiskt svenskt sätt att dra på lakan, för så som du visar har jag alltid gjort och även min man??? Smart att vända ut-och in på lakanet, men oftast så finns det ju små öppningar på ena kortändan av lakanet, så man kommer in med händerna för att nå hörnen på täcket (men så är det ju inte på alla lakan...?).


This is exactly how I also do it. This way you don't risk ending up with a twisted duvet inside the cover.

Another question for you, Benita: where do you keep cords and cables that you use on a daily basis (cables for uploading photos from the camera, mobile power cords, power cords for mp3-players, etc.) when not actually using them?
I've tried keeping mine in a designated box but I find them 'creeping out of there' when I know that I'll need them the next day anyway.

A Thrifty Mrs

That is just how I do it. I worked as a chambermaid when I was at uni and this method was such a time saver.

Hella Stella

I am embarrassed to admit that I have occasionally found myself INSIDE my duvet cover trying to get the corners in properly... You have no idea how useful this post will be for me. :)


His shirt is just fine and hooray for him for helping you out like that. He is one supportive husband!

Michelle of Montreal

This is perfect timing! My duvet cover is washing right now and I was dreading the task of putting it back on tonight. Yay Benita! (and Martin, and Mini too)

Annie Pazoo

This is perfect - I'm so tired of struggling with them on the bed (our comforter is so cumbersome!) I also love the shots of your orange throw on the bed, and your covered closet doors. The orange is so warm and cozy! Are the doors covered in paper or fabric?

Where You Hang Your Hat

Ha! Stella, I, too, find myself inside my duvet cover every time I try to put it back on. Thank goodness for this post; will be sharing with friends.


That looks so nice and easy!


Thanks for the tip!


Oh my goodness! You have no idea how much easier you made this aspect of my life!


Precis så gör jag också, men jag lärde mig det när jag sommarjobbade som städerska på Sj och bäddade övernattande lokförares sängar ;-D!


I's funny, because it seems that us Swedes use this method and those of us who have made beds for a living :) The reason I posted about it was that even Martha uses a very much more comlicated method. She showed it on her show and I was sitting infront of the TV going "Yohooo, Martha, I have a much better way!

Å lilla Vicke Vire-Victoria , I think most Swedish duvet covers have the openings but others don't. I don't use them much... They kind of annoy me when the duvet keeps creeping out of there... :)

Lisbeth, I'll make a note to show you in a post.

Annie, it's painted...


Benita, how do you suggest doing this for a king sized bed. I can't actually stretch my arms out all the way and the middle of the duvet doesn't come up to meet the cover (does that make sense?) Any suggestions?

carol k

I think Martin is very nice to model for this!
Thanks so much. I have a really "squirrely" way of doing this - I put the duvet on like a pillow slip. Starting with top of the cover at the bottom of duvet. Then I move around to each sides of the bed, scrunching the cover up, while trying to hold the corners in place. I end up inside the cover along with the duvet. This really helped me!
Benita, you may have posted about this. How did you make the cover for your heater at the head of your bed? I love it and we want to try to make one. What sort of tools or template did you use to get the uniform size of the holes?
Thanks - Carol


Thanks, thanks thanks soooooooo much Benita!!!!!!!!!


Hi Benita,
Thank you so very much for remembering my question and then posting this today! And thank you to Martin as well! We use this same method. It was easier with a queen size and then when we moved up to a king (only for the duvet, not the bed) my husband's longer arms were a requirement.
Then it goes on the bed without a top sheet.
Do you use a top sheet or then just the fitted sheet (which is over the mattress and the mattress cover)? We were in Ikea over the weekend and noticed some very nice simple padded mattress covers with elastic straps for the corners. Oh, and I don't iron my duvet covers either. anymore. !!!


Hej hej!
Åh vilken härlig blogg du har!!!
Precis så gör jag också när jag bäddar...*fniss*
kram Susanne

Pennie Griffiths

LOLOL I had a great laugh way over here in Australia... Martin is an excellent demonstrator I reckon he could get a job doing that!! Your method is 100% better than my son's who used to get inside the duvet cover himself. Thanks, cheers Pennie

Anna from Vancouver

I JUST put my covers in the washing machine before I came to check your page! This is GREAT!!! I used to HATE this task because I couldn't figure it out! But now, it seems so simple!! I LOVE IT!! ^__^


I learned Martha's method a while ago, but will try this one next time.

Another thing I learned was to sew little ribbons on the inside top corners of the cover so you can tie the comforter to the cover. I also cheat sometimes and use safety pins.

Cats are so goood at making beds, aren't they?


This post is very helpful. But i have another question on the same subject. My duvet keeps slipping inside the cover. So every morning its quite a task to straighten the duvet inside the cover. Are there any options/ideas you have on that?


Great blog with a lot of great tips. Since I learned so much I just need to recommend you to make a book out of it. I recently been to a site called www.solentro.com where you can make your own books. A very easy and fun way. Check it out!


kellyt, hmmm tricky. I would probably try folding the duvet in half and do the above to one side of the cover. Then I'd try tossing it onto the bed and on the side of the cover find the top part of the duvet by pinching it through the cover. Then I'd shake it lika a mad person and hope for the best ....?!

Carol, I've made a note to do a post on it. Just need a bit of daylight to take some photos...

Jacqueline, I don't use a top sheet on the mattress just the fitted sheet. I do have the padded cover you're refeerring to from IKEA. It's great. Feels clean and fresh because it's so easy to launder it. They have the same covers for pillows too which close with zippers on one side, Wille has one on his pillow. Martin and I have terry pillow covers, also with zippers, under the pillow covers.

Torsha, I don't have that problem. Maybe your covers are silky? Mine are cotton and slighly ribbed which may help the duvet stay in place...

rebecca, thanks for the tip! I'm in the process of putting a book together so I'll compare it to blurb which I consider using :)


Wish I had this a few weeks ago after I bought a new duvet cover. Got so hot wrestling with it, I had to open a window.

Thanks for the tip.

p.s. I used metal binder clips (like you use in an office) to hold my duvet cover. The "duvet clips" I bought didn't hold, and I was afraid of pins. Too lazy to sew ribbons.


kellyt, for king size beds I do it the same way described here. For steps 5 and 7 when your arms can´t reach it, I usually lay/hang the duvet with the cover on on the top of my stairs railing. Some of my friends lay it on a window frame (duvet hanging outside of window). The idea is to find a place where you can put it vertically (so duvet will reach the bottom of cover) and at the same time be able to deal with both top corners with your hands.


The friend who showed me how to do it always stood on the bed for step 4 the shaky bit. She was shorter than me and found it helped her shaking ability!


I would like to know where you got the amazing wallpaper in the background...more like I NEEEED to know. Pretty please? Thanks;)


Mia, sorry.... It's not wall paper. It's paint...


I also NEED to know where you got that wallpaper. I drool over it everytime I see it.


tiffany, it's not wallpaper. I painted the trellis pattern on the MDF doors.


wow! How inspiring. It's prickling in my fingers to launder the covers just to try your instruction. :) :) Next week they have to be done for sure but if I do them this weekend my husband will call me crazy. And this doesn't have to happen, does it? :) :) *giggle*
Många hälsningar och trevlig helg!


Did you just use tape to tape off the pattern and then paint the orange over it?


tiffany, find out here http://modernhomebody.blogspot.com/2009/01/lunatic.html how to do it. I did it in a different way but this is definitely the way to go about it.


I tried this method again. The first time it didn't work for me. But this time I climbed the bed :) :) And did some shaking. The magic stumbled a little but some more shaking made it and it arrived at the bottom. How fast and cool. Thank you.


I posted my method, the Magical Burrito Way, here:

Not better, just different!


benita: i want to use our down comforter exclusively. areound here (U.S.) there are so many LAYERS to beds. fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets, THEN comforter or bedspread! so many layers, so cumbersome, so hard to make each day...esp when your hubby yanks the tucked-in covers at the foot of the bed OUT each nite!

so my friend from Germany said they use an eiderdown? I can't find definitively that information online. she got one each for her and her hubby on their wedding day. my understanding is that she made/bought (?) covers for them, and uses ONLY them to cover them up at nite. i don't understand this, either, as it would be like having separate beds.

all this to ask, is what you do: fit your mattress w/ a fitted sheet, which you lie upon...then the ONLY cover is a down comforter/duvet w/ a cover on it? do you make your's out of sheets or do you buy them?



I think this is one of the most useful posting related to bedding items. Indeed it is quite difficult to put on a duvet cover. I always struggle with it alone and need some help.


I love how you explained and showed the RIGHT way to put on a duvet cover. After a couple of times trying to put on a duvet cover, I finally got it lol It can be tricky at first, but practice does make perfect! I love your blog! I found this great video that also explains how to put on a duvet cover. The quality isn't that great but it also helps. Thanks!

Duvet Covers

I want to know where you got that wallpaper. It is very nice



John The Ripper

Oh my god! After all those years ... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the first time I find a proper solution!!




inside a duvet cover i bought almost 20 years ago, came instructions, like these, but to keep contents from shifting, tie the top 2 corners with ribbon before turning right side out. then can follow with pretty ribbon (tied in bows) on the bottom corners when put on the bed. then the comforter stays put. i have tried this, and it does work. i haven't had a duvet cover in ages. i may just have to sew myself one.


OMG Hella Stella you made me laugh!


I have been using this simple and easy way to put a cover over a blanket for years:
1. turn the cover inside out and lay it flat on a bed with the opening toward you
2. lay the blanket on top of the cover edge to edge
3. from the open end, start rolling the top layer of the cover with the blanket(on top) until you reach the top.
4. now unroll the bundle toward you and the other layer will fall on the top with the blanket snugly inside corner to corner.
5. this works with any size blanket, even multiple layers.


you have no idea how much stress this saved me. i've been lazily putting my duvet cover on top of my duvet for months and it's finally how it should be. thank you!

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