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January 29, 2009


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I will keep this in mind with future projects. This method makes it really easy to change fabrics depending on your mood for little $$ too!


I just found your website this week - I think from a link from thisyounghouse but not sure. I am currently looking for fabric to make a headboard so this post was perfect timing. I saw in your list of tools link you have the B&D mouse 600B. Do you like this tool? I picked one up on clearance for $16 at Home Depot but then read the not so flattering reviews on amazon and am wondering if I should return it for something a little else.


Thanks for this post! I started reading your blog during the design public organizing special they did.

I've been thinking about doing something for a headboard much like what you put in this post! It's nice to see your process/thinking before actually attacking the project my self

Thanks again!


That's awesome Benita. So simple and totally doable. Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.


Thank you Benita!!! I have been looking for a simple design and your's is the best! I've been procrastinating on this project because I thought I had to attach the headboard to the bed and I wasn't sure how to do it. One question, many instructions tell you to use a layer of foam and then batting....what do you think? Is it necessary?


With this simple headboard you can add a slipcover to easily throw into the washing machine or change colors based on mood.


thanks for sharing!


Benita, you have a marvelous knack for taking a design project down to its essential elements and making it easy to accomplish. And look great!
You really have the best answers-simple, straight forward and understandable. Sharing and teaching at its best.Thanks you..


Dear Benita,

Please adopt me.


Down Comforter

Funny you have this on your site - I've had the idea (but not the motivation) to make a similar headboard for a couple of years. Mine would have a camel back & be tufted :)


Fantastisk idé!


Lesley, I've used B&D Mice for years but ours here in Europe seem to have different names. The one I use at he moment is called KA16565 and I love it! I actually removed the 600D from my list after checking the reviews and added the one which looks more like the one I have which wasn't available when I made the list. I agree, the reviews were pretty bad. I do agree with some of the issues, especially the small attachment bits that use a tiny screw as a fastener. It's ridiculous, but on the other hand I hardly use those little attachments. I use the flat surface for almost all projects. I'm on my second mouse now but that's only because I completely wore one out from renovating a complete wooden boat with the first one, using it almost daily for six months.

Karen, if your batting is thin I guess foam is a good idea. The batting I use is about 1/2" thick so two layers makes for a cushy headboard :)

Steph, great idea! I'll steal that!


Thanks so much for the input on the mouse. It sounds like you definitely got your money out of it.


Den är jätte fin din säng!
Har en liknande ide i huvudet på sänggavel till min dotter. Ska bara se när det blir tid över att fixa materialet! Häftapparaten är verkligen användbar till massa grejer!


Hey there, Benita! Just wanted to let you know that I linked to your tutorial and included instructions on how to embellish your headboard with Scrabble lettering on the website that I write for, BoredLA. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Your home is absolutely beautiful.


Marianne from France

Hi Benita ! I love your blog, I read it everyday from France.
I've just finish my first upholstered headboard, and I have to say that you've been very helpful to me on that project (I linked to your blog on my article for your great explanations).
You can check it out if you'd like : http://nocesdecoton.canalblog.com/archives/2009/09/17/15103854.html
Thanks for sharing your ideas !! Tack !!

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