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January 27, 2009


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I would also add that you have beautiful skin, Bernita!


Nice mustache. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with number 8. I am a teacher by training and my husband is a music teacher. We both agree that we want our son to know that we would be very proud of him in any profession or trade. We just want him to enjoy his work (and be able to support himself).


You're so pretty!!


Good thing I read your blog - turns out I don't know you that well... I mean the police academy!

Oh, and if you move abroad, can I come too? Somewhere warm, where they have nice red wine and good chocolate.

Ali Edwards

Love reading these things about you Benita - we could form a "Horrible Singers Club" together.



Somewhere warmer? Anywhere in mind?


good to see you :)
your last point made me laught... my parents put my middle name "marie denise", I must have look old as from day 1 !
A bientot,

Carola from Austria

i decided not to give middle names to my two girls because i didn't like mine... margit... but i am okay with it now and don't hide it from others anymore :) irmeli sounds totally swiss.


Well I LOVE your art! I get so many compliments on your sweet kitty cards. They make me so happy as well!


I love your random thing #14!

Anna @ D16

Loved this list, Benita! Thank you for sharing. #8 makes me feel especially happy. :)


I like your list! We have a greyhound (used to have two), and I think they're the most catlike breed of dogs there is. Most people I know from our greyhoundclub also have lots of cats, so your point #4 makes sense to me. :-)



Ooooh, I love your blog so much and appreciate all the thought and care you put into it. I enjoyed reading your list, but you will not endear yourself to the flight attendants who read your blog! Flight attendants' training, smarts, and dedication to their passengers have enabled them to save lives. They've *given* their lives in doing so, too! But I'm sure you did not reeeally mean they are just "glorified waitresses", right?

carol k

Oh Boy! Can I relate or what! I love sweets. Yes m'am, I would eat cookies for breakfast lunch AND dinner if I would not become shaped like one.
I love what you said about being behind Willie 100%- that is awesome!
Benita, you are beautiful! Your skin is so lovely... is it genes or products? I hope you say products,because I want some of whatever they are! Loved knowing these things about you.


I thought I was the only one that thought all food without chocolate as a main ingredient was boring.

Actually I have a handful of other things I like too, but Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Chocolate Cake and chocolate candy rates pretty high on the list.

Erin :)


talia, I knew I would upset a few flight attendants by saying that. I'm sorry. It's just that at the age of 11 I saw myself flying all over the world and everything just seemed so much more exciting that what it appears to be now that I do fly all aver the world as a passenger... I read those semi-mystery teenage Nancy Drew type stories about air hostesses. I guess I realised it wasn't for me, that's all :)


So fun to hear more about you!
See we have quite a lot in common.... LOL!
Have a nice day!


Hi Benita,
I really like your blog, you are a huge inspiration for me and our place and it is sooo nice to know how you look like! BTW:In German we would say: Wille ist dir wie aus dem Gesicht geschnitten!
I work in Zurich, Switzerland, and if you have ever the chance to go there: It is chocolate heaven!


ibabe, we're considering Spain, France, Porugal or we may just move further down south in Sweden. No decisions yet, just dreams :)

Carol, I'd have to say genes and probably no smokinng and no make up. My skin care is super simple. At the moment I use Neutrogena.

Nicolezh, I've ben to Switzerland quite a few times :) I've even been to Zurich and Baden. My grandma used to live at the German/Swiss border in Lörrach so we used to walk into Basel a lot. The chocolate is delicious there...

carol k

Benita- I KNEW it was genes! Rats!


Irmeli är hur vackert som helst =)


Nice photo :-))))

And - 1,2,4 are the same (almost, I took german citizenship) and 9 - well this is my plan too! :-))) Weiter, Punkt 10 - the same. 12 13 also. I didn't like skirts for years but do wear them last year or so and feel so young and female again :-)). Punk 15 - oh yes!

Irmeli sounds so sweet!!!

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