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February 27, 2009


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It looks great, Benita, and just makes that kind of areas so much nicer to 'enter'. Love the flower cloth on your tap!

I notice that you use a plastic bag in your indoor composting bin and wonder if you reuse them a few times (even if they get really yacky) or if it possible to get biodegradable ones.
I once lived in a house where we would use a bucket to transfer the composting from the kitchen to the garden but it really has to be cleaned everyday. However, I think reusing a plastic bag a few times could justify the use of it... Just thoughts on the topic, really, but feel free to comment or for your readers to come up with alternative solutions if they have any.

AND on a complete sidenote: happened to see the comment from Bjorn (HUH?!). Do you get a lot of those?


Lisbeth, I do use a plastic bag for the composting bin. It does get too yuck otherwise and the vegetables stain the bin. I confess to ony using the bag once and them throwing it into the trash next to the warm compost. Wish there was another way. I'd love any suggestions!

The comment from "bjorn" and his likes are fortunately few. I've banned him twice and two other IP addresses so four comments out of over 4000 is ok I'd say.


I'm glad to hear that it's so few (a per mille?)- I wouldn't want you to become unhappy blogging :)

Will now look into alternative "composting transfer" solutions - shall return if the hunt is successful!

Miss VanDroo

Yet another amazing project! I wish I was more like you!! :o)


The result from a quick google search:

There is a lot of compostable trash bags to be found in the US, e.g. http://www.ecoproducts.com/Home/home_biobags/home_biobags_maxair.htm

Biobags can be bought from this shop in Denmark: http://puregreenshop.dk/biobag-liters-affaldsposer-stk-p-1868.html?osCsid=fb0d1cc09b5f3d4202c139417e8d4e94
so I would think you could find them in Sweden too.

Now I wonder if I should start using this kind of bags for garbage that's not going to the outdoor composting bin (since I don't have one of these at the moment)...


This is my most favorite blog in the world... I feel inspired every time I visit !
Kram Nina


Looks great ! Makes me wanna clean under my sink ! lol.

April in CT

You've inspired me to get busy on the mess that is under my sink. I've had plans for it and keep putting it off!

I love your floors and I've got to look back to see if you've posted bigger pictures of those before!


Benita, my first thought was, where's all the crap that would normally be under a sink? Then I remembered, you don't have crap. That's why you are my organizing and decorating hero.

This is amazing and makes me want to throw away all the junk under my own kitchen sink.


April, you can read about the floor here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/06/check-out.html

April in CT

Thank you Benita!! I am so in love with that floor!


Benita...you are so welcome to my home whenever you wish to visit South America!!! We need you!!!!! Haven´t you thought about working as a clean-home advisor ( i just invented that) ? I would hire you no doubt!

About plastic bags...here in Argentina,, the supermarket Walmart ( i don`t know if they are in Europe) give you oxi-biodegradable plastic bags...that´s why i always buy there..i get enough bags with my purchases to use them with our trash..there is a law now that says that all shops must replace common plastic bags with these biodegradable ones...this will come effective next year i hope.

Annie Pazoo

Benita - thanks so much for this post! Under my kitchen sink is no-man's-land, where all fear to go (except for our frequent house mouse visitor). You've inspired me to change all that.... :-)

Mitt i Fågelsången

In our municipality it is a reduced fee for garbage collection if you sort non-recyclable from biodegradable. They hand out small bags made from corn starch to collect all biodegradable waste in. These bags will decompose over time. Is this not an option for you? They are similar to those bags that all I love eco-vegetables from ICA are packed in.


Okay, how do you keep your litter scoop so clean?


Mitt i Fågelsången, the area where we live don't have a very good recycling system. Where my mom lives they have a great system similar to yours...

Patia, I use the kitty dish washing brush next to it to with when needed. Also our cats prefer the outdoors to the box unless it's super cold.


The result of your work is really cool. So fresh, so clean - just wonderful. Here you can buy bags that look like plastic but are biological degradable. But they are really expensive. I often put my waste into something called like household cloth (like tissue, I don't know the english word) and bring it outside at once. Maybe you could look for the "plastic" bags while being in Berlin. I think Budnikowsky has them.
And now I feel inspired to inspect my under the kitchen sink. ;)


I join the chorus -- "love your blog!" :)
How did you mount the trashcans? Did you screw them directly to the door? Love this post in particular.

Ksenia in Canada

I would like to feel happy when I look under my sink. Thanks for great posts like this.

Petra from the Netherlands

Now it's pure joy to open the door to what used to be such an eyesore.

How many times have you opened the door just to take a peek ;-)) ??


Petra, quite a few, quite a few :)


It looks great Benita! Such a fresh new look. I definitely need to consider what can be done to organize under my kitchen sink. We have a good amount of space, but it could definitely use some organization. :) I like the newspaper thing too, neat!


You are so inspirational. I just LOVE your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all of your your wonderful skills with us. I love it!


Lessie, they came with plastic mounting plates which I screwed into a board which I've screwed and glued onto the door. The reason for the board is that it's a hollow core door and it wouldn't hold the weight without.

carol k

Ohhh! this looks great! Love the Martha lining paper too!
I have extra brushes under the sink in our kitchen and hanging them might keep them in a much neater way. Another brilliant Benita idea!!!
I think it would be great if Kate Spade wrote a Blog manners book. It sounds like someone might need a copy! I got the manners one from your Amazon store.


Just curious if you are worried about being able to unscrew the pipes if needed with the paint on them?


kelli, it's just emulsion paint so if we need to unscrew the pipes it shouldn't be a problem, just a bit of crackled paint. I know plumbers aren't keen on painted pipes but I still do it...


Love this post! I took one look at the first photo, got up from my desk, and found a cute container for my little dish detergent bottle, sponge and scrubbing brush. Thanks for the idea!


I love your blog (although i dont know how i found it!) - all the 'before & after' photos, the diy projects, the decluttering & all the little tips and ideas you throw in, fantastic!

I cant wait to read more!

Aqeela xx


God gracious! My house isn't too cluttered, but I still imagine you would light a match to most of it. :) You are definitely an inspiration!

Purple Area

Great idea, looks really nice. I guess I now have to take a look at my own 'under the kitchen sink'..

Down Comforter

Some great ideas! It really makes a difference in how you feel when things are neat & organized :)


LOVE it... you truly have inspired me. Next week I am repainting the insides of my cupboards and putting down new liner. How thick is the one you use?

Petra from the Netherlands

While brushing my teeth this morning, I thought of your blog (see how much inluence you've got...?) and of this last item.
The container used on the worktop looks like a flowerpot. Do you use many items for something other than the intended purpose? If so, could you do a post on this? I'm sure that would inspire many people to think creatively....


Petra, that's a great idea for post! I'll tell you all about the (yes) flower pots and other repurposed items later this week :)

Bee, the liner I use is from Martha Stewart at Kmart. It's thinner than any adhesive liner I've used before but boy is it easier to put down. It almost laid itself at the bottom of the cabinets. I love it!


Thanks, Benita. (Making mental note to self: "Kattlada" must be Swedish for cat litter.)

I might try that! I also really should put the scoop on a hook rather than just propping it behind the litterbox.

Petra from the Netherlands

Yay!! Can't wait!

Bathroom Chaos

I love your ideas. I'm moving tomorrow into my new place and looking for ideas on sprucing the place up. Looks good!


Benita, How on Earth do you keep the scoop so clean???


See the brush next too it? It's for cleaning the scoop :)

Pregnancy weight gain app

Nice organization in the bathroom. My whole house could use some assistance if anyone is up for it. Thanks for the pics.

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