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February 20, 2009


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I can't believe you neglected to mention how the heck you got them up there! And all lined up so perfectly!! I'm impressed! Sara


Sara, sorry! Can you see the white metal bar infront of the pink/red Pez's? I need to get a ladder from the garage and place it on the stairs and lean it against the bar. As you can imagine those Pez guys will be there for a while. As a matter of fact the hatch for the attic is in the ceiling above and that's how we get up there...


That is so cool! The way you organized them by color reminds me of the books by color libraries that some people have done.

A Mr. Bean pez? There's one I've never seen before! :-)


They are so cute all lined up like that. The first little frog on the middle shelf reminds me of Wilhelmine on Moline's blog! ;)


Wow, Benita!!! And you're not afraid on that ladder? There could be a bucket of gold up there and I think I'd have to leave it. :)


Sara, I don't have a problem with those kind of heights :) I do freak out a little bit in ferris wheels and stuff like that where I'm not in control...

carol k

I'm with Sara. They are lined up so perfectly! Using a ladder near stairs scares me.My coordination is not that good for stuff like this.

I love Mr. Bean! My favorite is when he is trying to stuff a huge turkey to bake. His watch gets stuck in the turkey. He sticks his head inside the turkey to look for his watch.Consequently,the turkey gets stuck on his head and he can't get it off.


Yes! I have a bit of a Pez collection myself and was just debating what to do with them. Think I might put up a LACK-style shelf or two and align them on those.

Did you stick something under them to ensure they stay upright?


Emily, I just put them on the shelves but I had a couple of back up plans should they not have stayed put. Either to stick a strip of adheive female velcro to the shelf and small adhesive male parts (how weird is this sounding?)to the Pez's or to put some blue tack underneath the Pez's feet.


how cool. Pez land. I had to laugh a lot. And to grin because you sorted it by colour. :) But I started myself, too, displaying things that had been forgotten or put away. It's nice, isn't it? And it changes the interior of a house a lot without spending much money.
Thanks for sharing. You sweetened my day.

Down Comforter

Impressive little collection you got there :)


Härligt färgglad samling!


Härligt färgglad samling!


Skye, It's a crocodile at a weird angle. I agree, it looks exactly like Wilhelmine :)


Dessa bilder gillade min son!!!!
Har länkat till dig på min blogg för jag har gjort en sänggavel i en liknande variant som du gjort fast min är i trä.
Du är helt OTROLIG på att hitta smarta lösningar!!!
Gillade den med gardinerna massor!!!


hej benita!

i just found your blog and wanted to tell you how much i enjoy it. you have a lovely style, thanks for sharing!

Erin Kleider

Mr. Bean would be a favorite here as well! We love Mr. Bean!

Erin :)


Vilken härlig blogg!

Massor av bra tips och idéer, snyggt och läsarvänligt presenterat.

Hatten av!


Haha..herlig:-) Pez er fantastisk!


vilken häftig samling av pez-gubbar! Och himla kul med ett sånt udda inslag i inredningen!


Love the pantry entry the day before. Any ideas on what I could use for the dividers as I don't know if those latern sticks are available in the US. Thank you, Kelli

Tant Grön

Wow! Imponerande samling. Jag gillar oxå pezfigurerna och har funderar lite på hur jag ska disponera dem. Kanske har jag fått lite inspiration? :-)

petit hameau

What a great display!

Pez is so much fun...

petit hameau

What a great display!

Pez is so much fun...

petit hameau

What a great display!

Pez is so much fun...

the rauths

my husband collects pez and has since he can remember! i love how you displayed them!


Kelli, ask at your local hardware store, they might have something that can be cut down to a good length. Might not be white to begin with but you could spray paint them?!


female and male velcro... hahah that's good. we call it the soft and hard side at work here in singapore.

big fan of urs. keep ure creative juices flowing!! :)


I LOVE PEZ LAND. Can I visit Pez Land soon?!



thanks for the display. my son (who also collects pez) loved looking at them and is very envious of the yoshi.


i love these- so beautiful!! great installation! The spacing is done just right!

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