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March 31, 2009


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Hi Benita,
Love the craft area. Did you do the bottle top picture? Even your glue bottles looks stylish!


LOVE LOVE LOVE. thank you for sharing your amazon store as i often wonder where i can find some of the things (or similar) that you use in your home. i always use the excuse that i'm too busy to go on a hunt for things when the truth is i'm just peculiar! :-) this makes it EASY for me to purchase similar items for similar use in my own home. you, your family, and your blog are such a blessing!
thank you again for sharing and making a difference

Virginia @ Where You Hang Your Hat

Does it really look that good all the time? I'm not skeptical, I'm just curious!


These are my favourite types of posts. How you store things in the containers and areas you have, rather than how to make blinds, furniture etc. Thanks!


Love this organizing posts. Containers...etc.
Have to travel to Madrid next month and there is a Muji store there...will probably buy all the shop. Any tips? Any special, not in anywhere else found goods?

I am with Rachel, your photos are so full of light...I find difficult to take mines...any tips??



They have really cute map and travel related items, like wooden replicas of big city sights like NYC's Statue of Liberty, Paris's Eiffel tower etc. I also love their map napkins which I made into pillow covers for Wille's room. Actually I love everyhting at Muji...

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It does! I hate clutter and tend to clear everything away once I'm done using it. A place for everything, everything in it's place...

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I did frame the bottle caps. They are part of Wille's extensive collection :) There are four of them: red, blue, yellow/orange and green.

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Such great ideas! I particulary like the "mess in a box". Very clever. ;)


You are so tidy, so ordentlich! :-)) And I love those transparent boxes (last picture) where did you get them?


They are from Muji.

Lynne, Tea for Joy

I've just realised the benefit of shoving things in boxes too - I've totally tidied my workspace that way. Only thing is I never open them again to deal with all the important things I need to!

Yvonne  Stehle

Well Benita, seeing this I again want you to come over and inspire me. I think I will never get my craft room in order for a long time...


Yvonne, I would love to and when I come you will inspire me with all your sweet crafts! :)

To: benita@chezlarsson.com

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