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March 10, 2009


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Petra from the Netherlands

Oh yes, very nice! Especially in combination with the cushion on the bench...

For the floor, white-wash?


Gorgeous! What more can I say?


That really did turn out so well. Fantastic.


I absolutely love it! (I love the floors, too!)


Lovely green wallpaper and the complete look of the room!


It's fabulous! I adore it. :)


I have to agree with the other readers - I love it! You are so handy. Please come and visit me in Australia, I mean it. I would love to go shopping with you to buy nice things for my house and make it as gorgeous as yours!! :)


Looks great. I loved the sample colour but this looks good too. And such a relatively easy way to switch out the feel of the room, using the doors as an accent wall.


Love it!!! I agree with Petra... whitewash the floors! Sara


It looks great, and I actually really like the floors! If you are dead set on doing something with them, though, you could lime them or do a transparent whitewash...


what a fab idea and it looks great :-)
lesley x

carol k

Benita- this is lovely!
When the trees outside your window turn green it will be a gorgeous conterpoint to these doors. I like Petras Idea for the whitewashed floors.
I know I sound like a broken record, but you are amazing.
Where did you find this beautiful wallpaper?
Its early morning, here in the western USA.
I wasn't thinking about the time change. I woke up and saw this and thought "Did she do this in her sleep?"That's how amazing I think you are.

carol k

Love this!I'm imagining this with the trees outside in full leaf. Gorgeous.
I may sound like a broken record, but you are amazing. It still early morning here and when I saw this post I thought "Wow! She did this in her sleep!
I forgot about the time difference.
Anytime you ever want to make a consulting visit over here I want to sign up!

carol k

Benita - Oops! On the double comment!
I didn't think the 1st one posted. I need some more coffee!


I really like the green, and the pattern is softer. Nice.

Dana D @BoysMyJoys



I LOVE this! LOVE. so inspiring. thanks!


Så skönt och grönt. Helt underbart.


i love your sweet wee cat. love! i'm a new reader...what is his/her name?


I love the wallpaper. It's looks fabulous!


The wallpaper looks great, and I have to agree with the previous poster - I like the floor!


Gillar tapeten! Ferm eller hur? Har funderat på att använda den här hemma. Är de bra att jobba med? Sätte upp eco tapet av Nina Jobs och det fungerade inte alls. Visserligen på ett svårt underlag...


I really like it very very much. The wallpaper is such a nice one. And it fits your floor and the furniture really very very well. I wouldn't change the floor...
Another question: did you do the pillow on the white box by yourself?
Many Greetings!


Carol, the wall paper is by Danish Ferm Living. There is a US link in the post underlined "sample".

Andra, jättelättapetserad (vilket crazy ord). Man limmar direkt på ytan man vill sätta tapeten på i stället för på våderna. Våtrumslim för denna typ av tapet är det som rekommenderas av killarna i min järnaffär.

Franziska, I did make it. Actually I made it too big at first which resulted in my adding the stitches for the flanges.

Denise Leavens

So very beautiful. Perfect even! Of course, having cats in the home really MAKES any room they're in! Seriously, the wallpaper is fabulous.


Benita as you said sometime back...green, green, it will always be green (something like that, on how green is and always will be your favorite color)! How true (for me as well).
The doors are lovely. The pattern really brings the inside/outside feeling to your home. Any other ideas for spreading the green around your home?

Mel Design Heaven

I love Ferm Living wallpaper and it looks absolutely gorgeous in your beautiful home. I love green and white together.


Very very pretty!


green-green-green. At this time of the year I could turn my hair green too... It's a really nice refresh to your doors, i love it...

Ksenia in Canada

Looks great! It's also a more affordable way to incorporate the wallpaper trend. I love the previous orange version as well ;-)


I can't believe you change away the Orange version!! i love that. The green version is my favourite also, cause i love Ferm Living wall paper also, i was eyeing it for so long but unable to get it here.


Forgot to tell you, you are on Apartment Therapy again!!! Check it out!!

Tant Grön

Så fint det blev. Tyckte jag iofs innan oxå :-) Även om jag är Tant Grön så gillar jag verkligen oranget. Gillar egentligen de flesta färger, allt blir så mycket roligare med lite färg :-)




thanks, Benita. I wished I could make a pillow like this on my own. But I didn't even try. Maybe there are some how-tos out there.


Jacquline, I made a note of your question. Was meaning to post about it but things got in the way. Haven't forgotten :)


Wow, those doors are absolutely gorgeous...I love the wallpaper, it's fantastic. I love reading your blog.

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