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March 03, 2009


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Monica from Portugal

Hello Benita,

That's a great idea, I also have a mug in my office desk that I use to put pens and pencils.
I got it in a fair and it looks great with the rest of the decoration.

I think I will look around my house a different way now since i read this post, maybe I'll get some ideas.

Morning Blue

Thank you! I'm inspired to look around my house for things that can be repurposed first before going out shopping :)


The book case columns are such a nice touch.

Michelle of Montreal

Love the Mekano set lamp base! I've got a structural engineer friend who would probably pay good money for one.


Åh, mycket inspirerande!


I love the green polka dot fabric...and your pillows :)


While I think the Meccano lamp is brilliant, I am in love with the graphic on the pencil cup. My birthday is in Sagittarius, and I've not seen such a great design before.


Alison, I know, I'm a Sagittarius too!!! I found it in a junk shop last summer. It's English from Portmeirion Pottery. The design is called Zodiac by John Cuffley

Petra from the Netherlands

I love the vintage jars and the candlestick lamp base!

I recently started an organizing spree again and with every little box I would normally throw out, I now wonder if I can use it again.
I bought a set of small markers today, the markers went into my pen-bag (is that an existing English word?), but the box, with nice partitions, is now repurposed as a battery container.
At work, a small cardboard container left over from a sandwich, found it's way inside my locker where it now holds a few bags of instant cocoa and soup. Another cardboard container with a nice shiny silver interior (same shop: www.hema.nl) now holds teaspoons inside one of the kitchen drawers.

The organizing spree will be reinforced by the declutter course mentioned on your blog. Who knows, maybe our house will look as fresh and clean as yours one day...


Meccanolampan är så cool!!
kram Susanne

carol k

Thanks for all the great ideas. I am inspired to think about what I have being used in new ways.
I love the Sagittarius mug too. This is also my sign and I don't very often see items with my sign that I like.


Thanks for your creative ideas. Your house is organized, simple yet eye catching...luv it...thanks again.


Petra-english speakers have pencil bags too :) We call them "pencil cases" even though they really are pencil bags-lol

I love the repurposed door! I have one in the basement that I rescued from a used building supply place. I may just try that out with it.


Yes, I loooove repurposing. Makes me rediscover things I forgot I even had and makes me feel smart. Aha: new use!


Love your organizing ideas! I have a question - how do you store your pots and pans? I'm constantly annoyed by the mess in my cupboards, particularly with the lids of my pots. Any suggestions?


Love your blog, I'm a new reader but will be following it from now on. I saw the lamp made from the mechanical building set and was wondering how you put it together and especially wondering where you got the shade from. I have been looking for pendants with this style shade for months and cant find any.

Thank you for a very inspirational blog

Siv from Norway


Jodi, we've cut down and only kept the ones we really use all the time. They are in a narrow cabinet by the stove. The pans are stored vertically in the same cabinet using a similar system to the dishes I showed in an earlier post. A couple of larger pans are in the drawer at the bottom of the stove and a huge pot is in the downstairs pantry. The lids are on each pot they belong to.


Siv, the shade was a lucky find many years ago, haven't seen any similar ones ince I'm afraid.

Martin assembled the Meccano lamp base. I'll ask if he'll show it in more detail in a post.


I'm also using some things in another way they originally were used for. But can anyone better your ideas?

the little big house

ooh i like these ideas! thanks for sharing!

Baby bedding

A lot of great, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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