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March 26, 2009


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I found your blog a week ago and have been addicted to it! Very informative and excellent practical ideas. I love this as I have the same problem with the windows at the back of my house. I think I will do this, thank you.


Perfect, perfect, perfect. Our living room windows face the coveted south which is wonderful but, dare I say, too sunny sometimes. I just need a little something to diffuse the light - this is it. You're genius, Benita. Of course, I need a sewing machine first -ha!

Anna @ D16

Gorgeous. I have double-hung windows (the kind that slide up and down), and I like the idea of attaching the shade to the sash rather than the window casing. Then it will move up and down when I open the window. Great idea!

Anna @ D16

Argh. Apparently covered curtain wire is impossible to get in the US.

If anyone has a source, please post! :)


Too cool!!!
Coincidentially, I am going to sew some linen today as well but in black! Wish me luck.

Florida Sue

I think this is a great looking idea. Your blog is fantastic.

Melissa, craftgasm

So cute! Mr. craftgasm and I are moving in together next month, and I know I will want a simple window treatment for the next place. This is perfect!


So simple and so good! You have so many good ideas on your blog! Thank you!


I love it! Very cute and quaint looking. :)


Hey, I thought you're already in Berlin?
Keep yourself warm, the weather here is funny at the moment :)
And have a lot of fun!!!


It really looks very nice! I suppose you didn't want the linen to slide down to the bottom of the window, did you? You just wanted something to make it look more smooth?
Good work!


I love this. Simple, clean window treatments are just calming.
Now, did I hear you say something about a man who does windows! *swoon*


I love it! And that wire is so simple to use. I used it to hang my sheers behind my living room curtains because I didn't want to use a double curtain rod.

Laura @ move to portugal

I love the new header blog header :)

Roman blinds made to measure


The good news is that there are many window treatments that suit transom windows. One popular option for transom window treatments is to cover the transom with a valance.


Window decorating is not that hard to do. Show some new styles and artistic way on how to design you house windows. Your house windows needs to be improvise once in awhile to add comfort for you.


For anyone who wants to purchase curtain rods, you can go to the ebay site and search for the item number shown below.

Curtain Spring Wire - 6.5 feet with hooks - 180472971553


Tried searching the item above but nothing came up. Does anyone know of a source in the US for this wire? I am in the UK and have several people in the US trying to source spring wire but cannot find it in the US. Maybe it is a European thing. I have written a design tutorial that uses this product as a drawing aid.

Thanks for any help


i've linked to this, i hope you don't mind.



i have linked to this immortal post here.


thanks for all the inspiration.

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