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March 09, 2009


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Fantastic! :) It is wonderful. I really would love to have a desk exactly like Wille's.

London Mummy

Looks fabulous, I always admire the speed with which you execute your ideas and turn them into reality.

Petra from the Netherlands

Great job!! I love how it is closed off on the side. Plus... another great tip to use those cutlery compartments for pens...

How thick was the MDF you used? We are planning a new desk in the home office, and I was thinking of multiplex stained to match the wooden floor. MDF will be easier if we decide to paint it though. For both materials I would need the same thickness and I like the look of yours..


Vilket toppenskrivbord! Förstår att han är mer än nöjd!!
Tack för härlig inspiration...
kram Susanne


well I have to thank you for this post because you made me realise how I could rearrange my study/spare room and I can't believe how easy it was and what a fantastic difference it has made! Great desk - I'm sure Willy loves it. Thanks again!


You're amazing! My husband can do that kind of thing too, but it never quite gets finished. You two are so great at time management!!! Inspiring! Sara


I love this so much, I'm hoping to build something similar (though larger) to accommodate my sewing machine and two sergers. The sewing tables and cabinets available for purchase are so ugly!


This is seventeen kinds of awesome. I'm so, so impressed.

Wille is so fortunate. Not just that he has a new desk, but that he lives with and learns from two very clever people.

Is there anything that you can't do, Benita?

kim de montreal

oh my goodness, it's fantastic. Great job!!
Please let me in on your secret; When do you have time to do all of this? I'm a working mother as well and when I get a free moment between work, the kids, the gym, and cleaning, I'm usually tired and can only muster the energy to look at beautiful blogs like yours!

Cottage Lifestyle

Love the desk and enjoy your blog.



DIY perfection!

Monica from Portugal

You did a great job!!! It looks fantastic.


gud, vad snyggt det blir. och vad duktiga ni är. heja heja!


You're awesome! Will you be my mommy?

Ksenia in Canada

Great project! Hopefully Wille is old enough to realize how lucky he is :-D.


I love it! I also love the idea of putting the paper in the magazine holders. What a great idea--& obvious--idea! My paper lies flat on a shelf & wastes so much space. This never occurred to me. This is my first comment--but I want to add how much I love your blog. Even though it is making me reconsider my (dark) red, blue, & other-colored walls, LOL.


Petra, the thickness we used is 19 mm MDF but then we glued two together to get the chunkiness so it's really 38 mm.

Annapolitan, let me give you a list. Can't cook. Can't sing. Can't dive. Can't drive ( well actually I can but I won't). Can't tie a proper knot. Can't get clean windows. Can't put make-up on. And the list goes on...

Kim, I don't sit down much during the day and probably don't get enough sleep. Today though I read that by sleeping 7 1/2 hours at least a night you loose weight so that would be the incentive for me to sleep more! I wouldn't mind shedding a couple of pounds or so...

Karen, come to mama!


GREAT JOB. Love the desk. I too hadn't thought of storing printer paper in magazine holders! Now if only I could get my home office/nook as organized as Wille's room!

carol k

Willie's desk bee-yoo-ti-ful!
Your ingenuity is so inspiring.
Definitely an area we could revamp for our sons desk. It's so messy right now I get bummed just looking at it.
Guess who broke their arm this weekend?
Poor guy. He can still play WOW left handed.

carol k

P.S. I echo Karen's comment. Often I wish you lived right around the corner. You are a terrific Mommy!


wow! The desk turned out really great! I'm a little envious of the good looking paint coat. It looks so much better than my painting that I've done the weekend. I wished mine would look as nice as yours.

And where did you buy the magazine holders? I thought of putting little frames to mine but they're too expensive to put on each holder.

Många hälsningar!


Så fint så fint! Vilket fräscht rum din kille får. Gillar organiseringen i lådan.


LOL at the mommy comments!

The desk looks great. What is catching my attention, though, is the lovely simplicity of Wille's computer desktop. Does he really keep it that tidy?

And it makes me wonder how you keep your computer files organized. Could be a post if you're so inclined ....


It looks great Benita,and it must be very precious for Willie.

Enjoy it Willi!


Gorgeous room all together! The desk is fantastic. Am I the only one who will mention though that that is the most tidy room I have ever seen for a boy his age????
Wish my daughters room was that clean!!


Wille is such a lucky young man... Great job.

Benita, about windows... small bucket, water (cold is ok), vinegar, cloth. Wash. Dry with paper towels or newspapers.

Some say that cleaning windows on a waning moon will keep them clean longer. I do that all the time and I'm not complaining.


Thessa, I use that method but as sson as the sun shines in I can still see streaks and thay are ALWAYS in between the panes. I've given up. My window cleaner guy is scheduled for March 20th :)

Patia, that's not the desk top... That's the log in page. The desk top has a World of Warcraft image on it and a multitude of files :)

Elisabeth, his room is usually fairly tidy but I have to admit to clearing the jeans and last nights polo shirt off the floor and making the bed before taking any photos in there.


Franziska, the magazine holders are from "Bigso Box of Sweden". We can buy them in flat packs of three for 69 kronor (about $9) at a store called Clas Ohlson.


Oh, I see!


The position of the screen regarding the window is not ergonomic... your son will become tired (never mix 2 sources of lights while screen working, day light from window, artificial light from the screen)...


Frenchy_googler, he draws his blind when using the computer.


Looks great! May I ask, how did you finish the MDF in white?


Hamburgerpanda, after sanding I put on two coats of primer and then sand again lightly because the primer raises the grain of the MDF. I then add two coats of top coat of the smelly, slow drying variety


Thank you, Benita. Next time I'll go to Sverige I'll take a really close look at åhlens and Clas Ohlson. ;)


Beautifil! :-)

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