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April 28, 2009


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Awww! Kittens are the cutest. Happy birthday Mini and Bonus! :)


They were soooooo cute !! I miss my cat being a kitten although I still love him.
Happy Birthday Mini and Bonus !! Where is their mom though ?

Izabela Boryca

Lovely :)

Happy Birthday Mini & Bonus!! :)


Mom Fidelina is still where we got Mini and Bonus, a farm outside of Stockholm.


*cheer* They were sooooo cute and look, the big round and fearful eyes. So shy and so nosy.


Too cute!!! Happy Birthday guys! I wish you many years of play, great fish and cuddles. Mini, best of luck tomorrow at the vet... I will be thinking of you ^.^ xxx

Petra from the Netherlands


A good cuddle and a long stroke over your heads and back...


Cutie pies! Happy birthday to them!

I've got three grown-up rascals at home! Do you have any tips for avoiding cat hair being "sucked" into cupboards and closets when you open the doors? You always have such great ideas. Vacuuming twice a week doesn't help, especially not during shedding season and vacuuming even more often doesn't really sound like something I'd like to do!

Monica from Portugal

Happy Birthday Mini & Bonus!!!

They are so cute!


Oh kittens!!! Happy day all :o)

Virginia @ Where You Hang Your Hat

CUTE. I'm always looking back to my kitty's "baby pictures."

carol k

Happy B-Day Mini and Bonus! May all your kitty dreams come true.


They're so gorgeous! Happy Birthday Mini and Bonus!

Anna @ D16

Oh gosh, so cute!!! Happy birthday, kitties. :) :)


very nice..

Morning Blue

Happy Birthday, Mini and Bonus! Many happy returns of the day. Such cute baby photos.


Happy Birthday Mini and Bonus! Wishing you many more!


Awwwww! What little sweetie cats!!!!!! Love that kitten stage! Happy Birthday furballs!


So so cute. I have always adopted cats a little bit older so I have never experienced the kitten phase. Maybe just as well :) A very happy birthday to them both. This year is extra special as they realize how precious life can be.


So cute !
Bon Anniversaire Mini et Bonus!


How sweet. And as cute as the picture of you as a child with the donkey!


happy Birthday to Mini & Bonus!


AWW! Happy birthday darling kitties! It was so fun to see them as babies.

Erin Kleider

I am deathly allergic to cats, but there is absolutely NOTHING like a kitten, except maybe my very own babies...

Happy Cat Birthday!
Erin :)


happy birthday, kitties!!!!!

and get well soon, Mini:0) we <3 you!!!!!

Amy W

Too cute! Happy Birthday Mini & Bonus! Love the names btw...


So cute! Happy kitty birthdays!


Feliz Cumpleaños Mini and Bonus!!!


oh your kitties make my heart hurt, "precious" sums them up. happy birthday Mini and Bonus!!


Vacuuming twice a week is a lot, I agree! I vacuum once a week and have a broom and pan in the kitchen and do a sweep now and then in those corners where I know the cat hair accumulates. The broom gets hairy but I remove most of the hair with my hands and throw it in the compost bin. When I do my weekly vacuuming I suck the rest of the hair out of the broom.


Grattis, Grattis från Oboy & Jerry med familj.


Happy Birthday from me too! Sretan rodjendan! :-)))


Happy Birthday to two adorable kitties!


Wow, they are so sweet. I love such cute kitties :-)

Happy birthday!

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