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April 30, 2009


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Very, very happy to hear your girl is doing so well. What a trial you've all been through. She is lucky to have such kind people. (And of course, it goes without saying you are lucky to have her.)

Your new bedroom is very sunny!


It looks really nice! And yay for Mini :)


It looks ok! More light.
And great for Mini!


YUMMY! Like walking into sunshine. ♥


the yellow is gorgeous - the room looks great!


Thank you! One question: How do you add the little heart when commenting? It looks so cute!

Marie in Sweden

I love your new bedroom! Perfekt yellow, yes it is. And wery successful.

Give my love to Mini!


Snyggt snyggt...
Antar att det inte finns ngn färgkod nu:)

Vi håller ju på och bygger om hela vår nedervåning och
vill bara säga att eftersom vi bor i ett nästan identiskt hus som dig(er), fast mindre(vårt är inte utbyggt som ert), så har jag en file om Larssons hus och idéer som jag har som mall för vissa saker vi ska göra hemma(både uppe o nere). Du är min största inspirationskälla när det kommer till kritan.

Ha en skön valborg!
p.s skönt att allt ordnar sig med katten din d.d


yay! the mini news made my day :D i think your sunny yellow walls were a premonition of the happy news. it looks great!


Nej, NCS kod är det dåligt med :)

Jag måste kika in hos dig igen, jag antar att man får följa förvadlingen på bloggen? Vår källare skulle också behöva planeras om så det blev ett bättre badrum men det är ett sånt monsterprojekt (inte bara att planera om badrummet i sig) att det får vänta...

Petra from the Netherlands

YAY and YAY!


Wonderful about Mini!! What a miracle. Love the yellow, too.


Grand news about Mini!!! It must be a great relief to all parties, human and feline, to see and feel such improvement! "Better than expected" sounds wonderful - here's hoping the worst is over.

The 2:30 am snack made me laugh :)

Does walking into your room feel like walking into the color? Perhaps what a bee experiences, landing in the pollen-rich center of a white flower!


Happy, happy!!! Joy, joy!!! Wonderful news!!! A big hug to you and a kiss on Mini's nose. You cannot be not cheery waking up in your bedroom!

Monica from Portugal

Looks wonderful! and love the pillows too.

Great news about Mini.

Big kiss


I love the yellow and wahoo Mini!


So happy to hear about Mini. Sort of like having an infant again, isn't it?!

Love the yellow. So cheerful.


My kitchen has yellow walls and I love it. So warm and friendly. Well my dining room also has a very mild vanilla color. And, come to think about it, my home office as well has bright yellow walls. I must really like yellow? Never thought of it... it just came natural. Did i mention my house is yellow on the outside as well?
Love your bedroom. And so glad for positive news on your cat.

Michelle of Montreal

My whole house is yellow (though not that bright) and the colour helps cheer me up in winter. Are you going to put an 'M' on the wall for Martin too?


Love the yellow and love the kitty update. I am glad things are progressing so positive.


I mean to but his was so wide, it looked weird so I skipped it.


It does! I'm kind of startled every time I go in there and it's definitely a bumble bee experience :)


This really looks fantastic. A wonderful pop of color without feeling to overwhelming.

Silus Grok

Oh, I do hope you painted a sample board (at least 5cm, squared) so the paint mixers can match your lovely hue, the next time around. :)


Oh, wow! the yellow really brightens up the room and makes the room warm and welcoming. I was never a fan of stark white walls (having grown up in my childhood home that had white walls in every room). You definitely make the white walls look great, but this! I really like the yellow on that wall, and how it both contrasts and harmonizes with the two on either side.


Sun-drenched and energizing! You're new yellow is an immediate spirit lifter. Love it!

House of Jammi

Wow! Lovely!



Oooo it's beautiful! I love it!


i love that shade of yellow!!! makes the room seem so bright. plus for me yellow translates happy. i wish i could do that in my home except i have a toddler. i guess i'll have to wait on the paint :(

Lanny Stanard

Love the Yellow and so glad to hear about the kitty...



So very pretty! I love it! The yellow really brightens up the room!!


So happy for you all that Mini is doing so well. You've cared for so well!!! I now have two Feliway diffusers and it seems to be relaxing my boys!!


Love the yellow! I have a very similar color in my windowless bathroom. It is very cheerful despite the fact that there is no natural light. I discovered the color when I was in a children's museum that was being repainted. I asked the painters what color it was and they told me it was called Marsh Marigold.

So happy that Mini is better!


Press ALT and 3 at the same time to get a heart! ♥

I love the yellow! And so glad Mini's better :)

from the right bank

Wow! It looks so fantastic. I'm sort of obsessed with yellow right now so I am absolutely in love with this. Well done, Benita (as usual)!


Looks gorgeous, well done.


Congrats Mini! The idea of her jumping up and down just sounds so cute I can barely stand it!

Barb F (Australia)

Hooray for Mini! That yellow wall must reflect your mood after hearing such news.


LSunshiney yellow - love it! and hurrah for little Mini.




Very nice sunny wall.
We also choose the yellow sun for make one room in our house. Your example confirms this choice, thanks ! :)

And hurrah for Mini :)


No! Don't take away the blue lamp. It's interesting with a detail that doesn't "match"!


Thanks! Can't seem to get it to work though... :(

Ali Edwards

Love this :)


Yes, I totally agree. Love the yellow, but think it will be too much without the surprising contrast of the blue lamp.

Tant Grön

Åh, vackert, härligt solgult! Ser ut som en härlig citronmarängpaj eller något annat gott som jag vill äta upp, hi, hi.


Men hallå, du gillar ju grönt :)


Testa på :)

Jonna Kayatz

I am not a fan of yellow but this looks fantastic! I love the elephant patterned pillows - could you please advice whose fabric it is? I am desperately trying to find out if I can order it somewhere online... Thanks for any tips!!


The fabric is from Svensk Tenn. Design Estrid Ericson http://www.svenskttenn.se/. I bleached it to get the pale yellow though, it was a mustard yellow originally (more than on their website). I've seen similar ones (much, much less expensive) on Etsy though. Check out this one http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26962907. Love the green...


Hey Benita! Just reading through some of your old archives.

To make that heart you can either go into "Character Map" and find it there (there's a bunch of different shapes!) and copy and paste it.

OOR (yes or!) you can do & hearts; without the space between & and hearts. so .. "♥" it doesn't work everywhere but it does work places like Bacebook, Twitter and it works on my blog so I'm going to assume it works on yours too. I suppose we'll find out as soon as I hit "send" though won't we?!

I hope that helps!


Thanks! It's odd, when I got this message via e-mail the heart showed up but here there's just "♥" so apparently it doesn't work on Typepad.
And where can I find the character map? I know, I suck at this :)

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