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April 27, 2009


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Gracia Fraile

We got yesterday a (Very ugly) red fire extinguisher from my parents after I dreamt for 3 straight nights that the house was burning. Now I think I should get the fire blanket. If I only knew where to find one...

Anna @ D16

I have never seen one of these before, and after some Googling, I've come to the conclusion that we simply do not have them in the US! Isn't that crazy and weird?

For the sake of your US readers, though, I wanted to mention that Home Depot sells a very attractive fire extinguisher for the kitchen. Their website is down right now, but if you search for "home depot home hero fire extinguisher", you'll find plenty of photos. :)

Anna @ D16

Oh my gosh, I just realized that was the last thing you linked to your post, Benita!!! I'm sorry -- it was loading for me before!


Only you, Miracle Girl!!! I love it!


Hi Benita, I would have made a white cover for the blanket too! Yours looks very nice! I see that your pot holder is white, is is Ikea? How do you keep it sooo clean?


På tal om brandsläckare så har jag sett tidigare (i vintras) att Mio har en snygg designad brandsläckare.. Kanske värt att kolla upp om du ändå ska byta? :)


Fireinvent heter visst tillverkaren av de snygga brandsläckarna!


Tack, jag såg dem då i vintras och var på väg att länka till dem i inlägget men de har dem inte på hemsidan... Nu finns det ju en Mio inne i stan här så jag ska gå förbi och kika om de finns kvar.


It's either from IKEA or Åhléns (local store), can't remember which... I run them in the machine on hot with detergent and Vanish.


Did you get up super early or did you not go to bed? I was surprised at a US comment at that hour. Anna, you must get some rest :)

How very weird that the blankets aren't available in the States! I also had problems finding a link other than a European one. Everyone should own a blanket. We were taught how to use it at work.

I loooove that white fire extinguisher. I wanted to buy one over there but realised they wouldn't allow me to take it on the plane with me... I think I saw it on a Martha episode when the inventor (?) showed it to her before it was launched. If all necessary things had that great design we would all be happier AND safer.

carol k

I tried to find the fire blanket, also. No luck for USA.
I like yours, Benita because it seems so much easier to store than the extinguisher.
I do love the extinguisher Anna mentioned and we are headed to Home Depot today.
I have the same pot holder- it is from Ikea.

P.S. Benita, I like the morning posts (at least its a.m over here) I have a cup of coffee and read your posts.Perfect.

Jan Scott

What a great idea...too bad we can't buy them here in Canada either.

Anna @ D16

Oh, you know I don't sleep!! ;)

Actually, I got up at 4:00 this morning to fold some laundry (and, of course, to read some blogs). Normally I get up at 5:00, so it's not that much earlier. :)


I am tempted to get one so I just did a quick search and apparently they do have them in the U.S. (and Canada)

This company takes phone orders for US and Canada

There are a few types at Amazon

And a description of the various types of fire blankets here:

Petra from the Netherlands

We have a fire extinguisher just inside the pantry door. But that black and white cover for the blanket would look great in our kitchen!

Benita, if you don't mind, I have a question concerning oilcloth. I have to come up with a solution to store 4 long cushions dirt- and moistfree. So, I'm thinking oilcloth... It will be stored in an upright position, so I'm thinking of adding a handle to the top so I can hang it. I came up with the design, with a flap overlapping one side, which will close with velcro (can you see where I got my inspiration ;-)? ). Still not sure about making it sturdy instead of floppy...

I was just wondering if you have any tips on sewing/cutting straight lines etc....


Petra from the Netherlands

Great link you sent, great oilcloth:
Much nicer than those bright flowers which one can get overhere....


Of course! You wash it! ... why am I not surprised? ^.^ xxx

Sweet Bait

What a great idea! I don't think I've ever even heard of there!

I love your blog, I've been reading it for some time and always enjoy it and feel inspired!

Sweet Bait

heard of that! THAT! haha sorry


I have a hard time getting up at 5 which is when my alarm rings. I usually push the snooze button a couple of times after that... Getting up at 4 is just too early for me...


CP, Thanks! I will buy one from Amazon and make my own pouch. I found this great one also, very similar to Benita's and more reasonable than others on the web :)


Det finns snygga brandfiltar här: http://www.stgeorge.se/design-brandfilt-10-gruppen-120x120-cm/product_details.php/products_id/87


Thanks so much!!


We keep an extinguisher close to the range and stove just in case. I like the blanket idea though, I bet it doesn't make a mess like the extinguisher.


I have not seen the fire blankets before and will look for one. We have a fire extinguisher in the mudroom but that is not quite close enough for the kitchen so thanks for the ladies finding North American links. I keep an open creamer(putting something I collect to practical use) filled with baking soda right by my cooktop. This is a technique my mother used for grease fires which I have never had but realize it is a possibility. I saw the fire extinguisher on Martha but did not think it was available in Canada so I will now investigate. Benita, thanks for the stylish reminder to be safe.


We do have one plus fire extinguisher (spray bottle), HomeHero Fire Extinguisher looks great!

getting up at five? I don't even know in which country I live (moved a lot around) before 07:30!


The oil cloth I buy has a printed grid on the back which enables you to cut straight. If yours doesn't have that use a big ruler /straight edge and mark on the back with a pencil. One thing to also remember is that every pin you stick in the oil cloth will leave a hole so make sure your stiching will go over the pin marks. Sewing oil cloth from the front of it can be a little tricky since it's both sticky and slippery at the same time. It might be a good idea to do some test runs on scraps first so you can adjust the thread tension and get the feeling of it. Good luck!!!

Ashley H.

I appreciate it when functional items are designed nicely! I may need to look into one of these fire blankets.


Hi Benita,

I noticed you pear-print tea towel. Where did you get it? I'm going to Sweden tomorrow for a few days, hopefully it is still for sale somewhere..
Thank you, Dieuwy


It's from LAGERHAUS http://www.lagerhaus.se/kok.html It's only 29 SEK!


We have one in a little red plastic-case. As it is hanging behind the door, I don't mind it's look. But I would really like a stylish fire-estinguisher! Some weeks ago, I read in a blog about someone who painted a normal red one in silver. Perhaps this is an option...

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