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April 29, 2009


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Purple Area

Den gula var väl ursnygg!!


Your probably work so clean that you really don't have to remove curtains. Anyway i like the first colour more.

Marie in Sweden

Hihi, so funny. :-) Sometimes you don´t have time to remove curtains and stuff.
I love the idea of a yellow wall! Hope you find the right color.


Hey Benita,

Im affraid you have to paint first your wall in white, coz your yellow will always mix with the primary blue, the effect can be also visible only when dry...
good luck ;-)


Decorators say that yellow is a difficult color. If your room faces south, you could go with a deeper shade of yellow. I found this article for you:

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mini can eat solid food when she comes home. xxx


Well, A+ for resourcefulness. Can't say you don't have a sense of adventure! Good luck finding the right colour, yellow is a difficult one.

Where You Hang Your Hat

Oh, yellow is such a tricky one. When I did yellow in our LA apartment, I thought I wanted something kind of deep and rich. Turns out the result gave me a headache. We ended up going with a much more buttery, paler yellow and it looked great. I'm not one for "light" anything, but with yellow, I'll always stick with that.


Yellows are hard to get right!! We went through several shades for my daughter's bedroom before settling on Behr's Cheerful Hue.


Yellow? I prefer blue...I had my bedroom in grey-blue and it is so calm...I find it quite difficult.
Probably it is because when I was a child my mum made a lot of clothes in yellow...so I don´t like it any more. I use all the yellow for the rest of my life.

But I must say that yours look great, so different. Quite a bit radical change.



Oh how funny! I read your posts and feel like i could have written them myself! Specially the part where you didn´t remove the curtains...i am so anxious to see the new colour on the wall that i always "forget" those little details..i just remove the artwork on the walls because...emm...i have to!

jenny b harris

I once tried to mix my own aqua/green in the same way, but ended up with a can from the paint store, too. And like you, I am impatient with painting - removing as little as possible, just shifting things enough to get at the wall. My way is to do all my painting with a two-inch brush, avoiding the hassle of setting up to use a pad or roller (and cleaning it afterward) and switching between brushes. That way I can paint in short bursts, in those small windows of time between other tasks. It is very efficient, and so much fun to see the whole room change just from a little paint and a few hours here and there!


This story so reminded me of when I painted our bassinet crib for my daughter's arrival. I chose Yellow, and was mixing up all shades of yellow to get the right one. :)

Jan Scott

I love that you tried to make your own coloured paint. Very resourceful!


I used a roller, pad and brush but the clean up IS a mess so for this little wall I should have gone for the brush alone...


I knoooooow, you just want to get on with it don't you!?


Thank you! Mini update coming up tomorrow, Martin is picking her up from the vet's right now.


I couldn't stop smiling as I went down the post. =) From the pictures, it seems like the blue wall in your bedroom doesn't get a lot of light, maybe a lighter warm yellow would look better. Hope you find the right color this time around!


i've been so excited to paint i painted aorund my tv once. and forgot about til i had to move..!




Oh, this so sounds like something I'd do...only I'd probably resort to continuing to add everything yellow I had. Maybe some lemon zest? Banana peels?


Lilla huset på prärien

Amen jag tycker nog att den är snygg som den är faktiskt!! :) Gult är fint.

Boston Booze Cruise

I think this color is perfect. Yellow can go one way or another. This is great.

joan Vignocchi

i like the first yellow best but maybe it's true that the blue undertones are coming through and it will always be "weird" unless you start from pure white underneath the new color.


Hi - buy a can of white and just add this mixture a little at a time until you get the desired yellow. Adding white to it won't help...but adding the yellow that you made to a fresh can of white will do the trick...
Diana from San Francisco

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