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May 13, 2009


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Hi Benita,

I just bought some lovely moose and forest animal cutters and i am dying to use them.

Could you share with us some swedish cookie recipes that we could use our cutters with other than ginger biscuits?

hugs xxx tas


I don't usually bake with the cutters other than gingerbread... I'll check my Swedish cookie book and try something though and post about it. Not this weekend because I'll be away, but maybe next. I have a stand-by cookie eater in the house who certainly won't mind :)

Denise Laborde

Hi Benita

Lovely collection + original, never seen a cookie cutter collection. My brning question? Where do you store them?!?! LOL. Bises, D


An acorn cookie cutter? I love it to pieces! And I really like the big heart that's slightly wonky. =)


LOVE the evolution of the christmas ham. that's hysterical. i have tons of cutters and find that storing them on a metal ring usually used for belts is the best way.


That's a great idea!


They are in one of the metal Much boxes in this post http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/05/muck.html :)


I know, the acorn is too cute! And the big wonky heart is another fave :)


I recently bought a variety of heart cookie cutters with the plan of using them to create pie crusts. (You layer heart cutouts on top of the pie.)


Good morning! I love this post & your cookie cutters. I use cookie cutters so many times a week to cut sandwiches, cheese & fruit slices, & of course cookies to make things more fun for my children. Thanks for showing your collection!


Oh, I used to do that too when Wille was younger :) Makes all foods so much more delicious, doesn't it?!


A quick tip for those adorable cookie cutters that have skinny legs and slippers, if you haven't already tried it: Roll the dough out straight on an oven/parchment paper. That way you never have to move the actual cookies anywhere, just the dough around them. I found that most of my "amputations" occurred when I was trying to transport the cookies onto the tray :)


I have a favorite acorn cookie cutter also! And I almost never bake cut-out cookies. But two years ago I made solid cinnamon ornaments for friends, using with the acorn shape so the ornaments could be displayed all year. No decoration except cross-hatching with the back of my knife blade for the scales on the acorn caps. A little red satin ribbon for a hanger.
They were so pretty, and smelled so nice :)

I especially like your little mushroom!


When I saw the BMW letters, I wasn't thinking vroom or cars; I was thinking you bought everyone's initials.


Well, actually I did get our initials... :)


great thanks!!! will be waiting eagerly for your post on the cookies! whoopie!


I have a little collection, too. Last christmas I bought some cool snowflakes.


I don't have much luck with cookies, thats why my husband makes them but I love to make cakes, and love different bakings forms like heart, some chidlren cartoon figures, and many sizes od round baking form.

Danica Patrick Milk Mustache

Going to need some milk to dunk those cool cookies!!

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