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May 29, 2009


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Jag har en fråga...är det en vattenkokare man ser på en av bilderna, med vitt handtag? Om det är en vattenkokare, vad är det för märke? Jag behöver en ny och har letat efter en snygg och en som inte är svart!
Hoppas det går bra med bokskrivandet.


Ja, det är en vattenkokare av märket Dualit. Jag köpte vår på NK för ett år sedan men nu när jag letade på nätet verkar det bara finnas i färgen creme, svart och rött... Nätbutiken Bagaren & Kocken har dem i de färgerna. De kanske kan ta hem vit åt dig? http://www.bagarenochkocken.se/shop/?s=kanna&s1=on&s2=on&s3=on&s4=on


Love white dishes! Happy Friday to you too. Hope you have great ideas for your book proposal! xxx


I agree with you. I also have white dishes. A bit of colour in other things, but white in basic. It is easier to fit with all colours in table.

Have a great friday, and a weekend full of projects.


Ah! I see the "problem" with the web adresses is solved.


Hej! En Dualit, då ska jag leta efter en sån, hoppas att jag kan få tag på en vit.
Vill också säga att jag verkligen tycker om din blogg, en riktig inspiration när det gäller att organisera!!


Benita, I'm almost embarrassed that this is the question I have for you...but do you happen to remember where you picked up the Homer mug? My dad would love it.

Lilla huset på prärien

Ha, ha, ha vad jag skrattade åt den där Coca-Cola flaskan. Och preciiiis så säger min sambo J också - att det smakar mycket bättre i de där flaskorna! Jag vet inte... har du testat??

Kram Jenny


Ja, fast jag känner ingen skillnad :)


Wille got it from a friend for his birthday one year. I'm sure it's somewhere in Sweden though. Found this similar one online though http://www.thesimpsonsshop.com/detail.php?p=18232&SESSID=89b03f5035f14db5f852101292b90adc&v=All Maybe you can check Ebay too?


Lovely cupboards! Your whites appear softer - the dishes, cups, cabinets, etc. I too use white every where and love its fresh light look. Sometimes white is said to have a hard stark look, but Benita, yours always look, well....softer somehow!
Is it the lighting, are they creamier whites? Either way they are so appealing :) Enjoy the spring weekend!


Tack för all inspiration! Nu har jag fått ett städryck i mina gamla köksskåp och jag har tömt en kronärtsskocksburk bara för att kunna tapetsera min egen pennburk. Skockorna marinerar jag just nu i olja, citron, persilja och vitlök. :-D



Erin Kleider

Do you have any idea how many sets of dishes I have. It is like a disease with me. White will not do, however, I have a white set among the bunch, along with a mix and match set of vintage shabby chic blue dishes, my wedding plates which I would freely give you if you wanted them, several sets of melamine (which recently became taboo because my daughter read an article), Christmas dishes...

I admire your resolve. I resolve to get rid of at least one set this year...and maybe use the vintage blues for something else. I saw a lovely garden treatment using vintage plates...

Erin :)


You inspired me to buy further on only white dishes but some foos sorts look great also on black plates :-)

carol  k

I switched to all white too because of you!This looks great! I love the footed bowls and the glass bowls. Willie is right about Coke from a bottle.
The best on a hot day.


Nice Homer mug ; ) The USPS (United States Postal Service)just came out with Simpson's Postage Stamps. I got a sheet yesterday!!!


I know!!! I heard about them and I so want some for Wille who is the Simpsons fan. I also wanted the Eames ones that were out last year and the only post office Wille and I walked past i NYC was closed :(

Clean Simple

When I remodeled our kitchen, I replaced our mish-mash of dishes with simple clean lined white ones from Crate & Barrel. Love them!

I also have cupboards that go to the ceiling and it's great--there's no gap to get filled with dust. I keep rarely used items, like party serving dishes, up on the top shelf.

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