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May 26, 2009


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Ah, I love your Swedish words! Even though I'm Swedish it's sort of nice seeing them translated.

Great project by the way, I DO need a pencil holder...


Thanks alot. I have around 20 empty cans from baby formula that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. First I thought of painting them, but then I would need a primer and paint as well as sandpaper, and the paint would probably scratch of.
Then I thought of self-gluing paper/plastic, but just the thought of all the "underneath-the-paper-bubbles" made me give up on that idea.
Brilliant with the wallpaper. I'm off to look for cheap wallpaper.
Love your site.


Love the Campbells can! It has "Tomato Soup" in 3 different languages, but "Now Even Better" still in english...
Covered up looks good too!

Monica from Portugal

Hello Benita,

I doing the same with 5 cans, but not with wallpaper, I'm doing with wraping paper. I have a few from last christmas.

Great idea, yours looks lovely.

Lilla huset på prärien

Jag kan garantera att det INTE är svårt alls att göra rabarberkräm!! Superenkelt, jag tog receptet i en sådan där "Våran kokbok" eller liknande. Vatten + rabarber + socker. Kom ihåg bara att ta lite extra socker för man vill absolut inte att krämen ska bli syrlig, den ska vara söt o go. Förra gången jag gjorde blev den riktigt sur... det drog i hela munnen när jag åt den :)

Ha det skönt i solen!!


Is "Tomato Soup" also printed in Finnish on the lower left of the can? Very cool for showing us this. I love seeing the similarities of everyday life, even if it is a soup can!


Åh, tack! Jag ska rota fram Vår Kokbok, den har jag ju hemma!


That is Finnish to the left and I believe either Norvegian or Danish to the right. I guess they save on printing labels for our little countries :)


Great project! I have also done this with scraps of fabric and a hot glue gun. :)


it is funny how similar german and swedish are! but swedish is more "cute" in my eyes, makes me smile everytime.
My grandmother has tin can covers made of fabric and uses the cans as small trashbins all over her place (e.g. next to the couch and one next to the sewing place for the threadrests) and of course for the epncils ;)


Thanks for the Swedish words! Im learning Italian but am building up my Swedish vocabulary too now. Loved the colour of the pencils in your new pen holder - very tasteful.


The finished product with the pencils is a lovely photo :)


I think the Campbells can is pretty by itself, but this DIY project makes it even more charming:) Thanks for sharing, Benita!


This question is kind of off topic for today but I've always wanted to ask how do you keep your house smelling sweet and fresh? I just it does!!!

Jan Scott

I love the swedish word for tomato soup...that's great!


I wrote a post on scent around the house a while ago. Here it is http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/12/scent-around-the-house.html


Loooks great!
Thanks for swedish words:)

Lucy C

What a great idea. It's looks so easy to do, but also looks so styish once you've finished. I'm going to have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Jodie R.

Ooh, I'm so glad someone mentioned baby formula cans... I have these and would love to cover them with wallpaper (or maybe fabric)!! Maybe I can request a wallpaper book from my coworker-- we're teachers and she nabbed a bunch last year from Sherwin Williams for a project.


I want to go ask our wall paper place for a book too, don't know if they give them away when the new collection arrives. Will definitely check!


This made me smile as I have three pencil holders like this one on my desk right now! I covered them in origami paper, and I love them... Recycle!

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