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May 27, 2009


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Petra from the Netherlands

I really like the look of both items! And the box looks like a great find for holding those important papers.

I once bought nice wallpaper to paper the inside of an old armoire. Never got round to it though, and now the armoire has gone... I might use it for magazine holders now. Since they are wood, do you think Mod Podge would work??


Grrreat! I will now search the archives for index card boxes to hold the household passports. And then I will use the limstift with a klädnypa pinching my nose as a försäkring towards the smell. :D

Kram! (hug)


I think it'll work great!


I had to finally leave you a comment to tell you that I love your blog and find it very inspiring. This project makes me wish I had some left-over wall paper. :) Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work.


This box looks great! I can't never find storage boxes covered in fun papers
( except very expensive) and this will allow me to personalized plain ones. Thanks!

las sandalias de ana

ohh, great tutorial!! simply and perfect!!! ;)


Love both projects.
I have some wallpaper left, but I think is a bit thick for this works. Yours seems to be no so thick.

And a question apart from that. Some coments ago, one could enter the web of the people who write the coments. It was interesting to discover new blogs, that read yours, and have things in common. Why it is not avaiable now?

Thanks. Love the light of all your photos. Unfortunately by the time I arrive at home light is low.


How odd! I haven't made any changes. I will have to check with typepad to see if they are having a problem. I agree, I often check out coment links and find other fun sites.


You're so crafty! I also love your "organization" projects!


Here's the reply I got from Typepad:

"Thanks for the note. We have reported this issue to our engineers and
hope to have this resolved soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we
work to correct this."

They are on it :)


That looks so sharp. I love that you just jumped in and figured it out as you went, with great results.


Yay! They fixed it!

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