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June 26, 2009


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Wow thats an enormous storage room!! What on earth can you possibly be storing? I didn't realise you were an organised hoarder!


"Today is Friday! I didn't realise" lol!
I didn't realize it was June 26th. I just posted a comment on your June 25th-Muji entry!!

Vicki K.

That's an impressive storage area!

My multi-use item is also a small table which has been in various modes of use for 20+ years. It was first purchased at a garage sale to be a microwave stand.

Then I stripped off the (ugly) black paint and refinished the wood and it became the entry table to place keys etc.

Now it is skirted and serves as a nightstand between my sons' two beds. The skirt hides their music/CD and also has pockets on the outside to store their journals, games as they turn off the light to go to sleep.


I love how organized your storage room is. Now I really need to work on mine. You are such an inspiration for me.


Oh no, you called me a hoarder! :)

To be truthful about 5% in there is just mine (one box with girly books from my pre teens), 20% is seasonal as in snow shovels, holiday ornaments, lights, easter and halloween stuff etc. 10% is stuff not in use but things both Martin and I want to hang on to, like a metal bathroom sink(in a house in the future maybe) etc. The rest, 65%, is Martin's and Wille's.

You can call me a safe keeper of stuff that others hoard. Wille doesn't really hoard though, I just want to make sure he can make the decision on what stays and goes in regards of little kids toys himself later on.


My countless-lives item is not such a small piece. When we first moved in together, dh and I had a wood piece custom-made for the living/dining room area. It was an L-shaped low-rack-cupboard-TV-stereo-CD storage-buffet kind of thing painted in white. When we moved into a house, we managed to re-arrange the parts of it and turn it into two different pieces of furniture. One for the living room, as the main piece housing TV, stereo, books, CDs, still white, and the other in the dining room, to store rarely used china, dishes, silverware, and to be used as buffet. This part we treated with betumen to look older.
When we moved into this apartment, we re-arranged it again, and part of it went to the kids' room and part went to the home-office.
Now, after rearranging it once again, one fourth of the original piece is in my closet and the other three parts went into my parents' garage, to store tools and stuff. I'll try posting pictures in my blog if anyone's interested.
I love repurposing stuff.

Katie K

Not furniture, but I sewed four pairs of draperies for our first, teeny apartment (but it had a gorgeous wall of windows!) Then they were hung in two bedrooms in our next, slightly larger apartment. Those four sets have served as coverings for one hall and three living room windows since we moved into our house four years ago. After seven years, I'm sufficiently sick of looking at them! So I'm happy to say that they will be Freecycled in July when I finish making their replacements (Roman shades with silk valances/panels to frame them.) I'm sure someone else would be happy to have them, or at least they could remove the hems and have a whole BUNCH of fabric!


Hi Benita! Makes much more sense now. I was very surprised that all those boxes could belong to you! But not surpised at how organised they all looked! I live in a tiny tiny apartment and have hardly any storage space, which means I have no choice but to be very very careful about what I keep.


I haven't a furniture like this. It seems to be a very usefull thing. We have a table like this in our utility room. But it's always overcrowded with stuff to put away... I hate that. After cleaning it it only takes some days and like an amoeba there tend to accumulate things not put away immediately. I really hate that but am unable to do anything against it...

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