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June 25, 2009


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Finally!! I love all the maps. Are the dots/pushpins(?) places you've visited?


Yes, mine are green, Martin's blue and Wille's red :)


LOL - I got excited about that headline even though I now live in a civilized city (i.e. one that has Muji stores!)


Muji is not only a responsible company, it also have clean, unique designs that are simply adorable, particular for interior designers. This is definitely great news.



Do the Muji stores carry kitchen type stuff? If so, can you order it through the catalog?



This is what they label Household http://www.muji.us/store/household.html, not a whole lot of kitchen stuff as far as I can see. They just started though so maybe the'll add more of the kitchen items which are available in store.


It is a pity they don't ship to Greece. I love the map hankies.
Do they send stuff to your country? Do you have any idea? Maybe I should email them..
Your son's room is excellent! :)

Lilla huset på prärien

Jag älskar MUJI och deras underbara saker! Måste bara ta mig till Malmö en dag...

Ha det skönt i solen!!


Benita you can also shop at Muji in London as shipping is much cheaper and faster http://www.mujionline.co.uk/ I get all my shopping there :o)


We actually have a Muji store right here in Stockholm so I just walk right in there and do my shopping.


I can shop Muji right here in Stockholm. I was just posting about it because I get so many request and questions from my US readers about where they can get the stuff.

The UK link is a great one for Europe though, thanks so much!


As you said, not everything is available online yet (I guess that would be a lot of inventory to post). I checked the website for the milky white containers with holes that you use in the kitchen and bath but haven't seen them listed. I hope to pick them up next time I go to NY. I called one of the NY stores, just to check if they carry them and had a somewhat long conversation with a store rep. It was kind of confusing and funny, to ask if they carry and to describe,specific milky white containers-when the entire store is filled with them! I never did find out if those containers have a specific name or stock number.


I'm having trouble with the Muji site... Anyone else?


I can see it fine via the link...


Is the underground map on the smaller pillow also from Muji? I didn't see it online.


No, that one's made of a souvenir tea towel...


I can get to it, and see the intro page, but when I click on anything, it just reloads the home page.


How weird. I can get in... did you try hard refresh? Ctrl + F5.

read me...

Love the cushions made from the map hankies... such a great idea!!

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