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June 29, 2009


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I've used wallpaper for lining drawers, shelves, and - once - a suitcase! I hate to throw out wallpaper when it takes me so long to choose it for the walls :)
Also use it as giftwrap, but I suppose everyone does that?

Way to go, Willie! Developing career plans? ;)

Petra- Designfragment

Jättesmart, och fint!


What is the real job of this coversß to protect the wood? It looks nice.


Hi Benita!

I have read your blog for quite some time now but my commenting skills... need a bit improving, really.
I love your blog and you´re such an inspiration for a messy crafter like me, thank you! I have a blog and I have put yours into my favorite blogs there, I hope that´s OK?

Sunny greetings from Finland!





The raw MDF isn't so great to look at so it's there purely for aesthaetic reasons :)


Absolutely, thank you!


Can I reply to something this old? We shall see!

Benita, on the weekends (when there are no new posts to pore over) I have been reading your archives in date order. It is funny, because I feel that you have just posted these, and I am all ready to wish Martin a happy 50th birthday... and then I look at the date! Oh, well...

I just wanted to tell you that I chuckled at this post. My dad was an FBI agent and was apparently quite the lock-picker in his day. He'd be proud of Wille's hobby, which I doubt is one he encounters regularly!

If you have time-traveled back this far, thanks!


FBI agent? I told Wille and he thought that was really cool :)


I love the trays in those drawers. May I ask where you purchased them?


I'm not sure anymore, I think they came from a local home improvent store, Clas Ohlson.

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