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July 30, 2009


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That's a great style you've got there! Clean, simple and classic, not unlike how you decorate your house. The love heart from Wille is wonderful - I myself have a "love ring" from my daughter :)

Rattling On

I wear a lot of black, white and grey, but not navy. I have lots of coloured cardis that can change a plain outfit. And I love handbags...A basic scheme makes life so much easier.


... if you want to share your home with ours (near paris), you won't have to come with your clothes ;-)

Lisa Z

I love your "look"! I dress in a similar way--and it is like a uniform. I feel best that way, and don't like to worry about my appearance much either. But I think we still look great! I have to look more at my house, so would rather spend time and money on that.


I love that story about Wille... He sounds like such a great kid!

Chroma Lab

I'm the same way, Benita, all the thought goes into our house. Not my clothes!


He's the best :)


This is just what I needed to see! I'm going shopping this weekend to build up a good closet of classic basics and this is a perfect visual of what I'm hoping to gather. Thanks for sharing!


I love it!! Very classic look. Those black flats are great. I have the converse in white also. How do you keep your pair clean and white? hehe


A lot like me--basic jeans or khakis, Ts, sweaters, Crocs and clogs. No stilettos here (or ever!). Don't even own a pair of heels or a dress. I love black. With farm chores, gardening, keeping house... things get ruined in a hurry so I'm a budget shopper except for a few timeless pieces like purses, trenchcoat, etc.


I toss mine in the laundry machine once in a while... Be warned though, they shrink a tiny bit and you can't use hot water or the rubber will come off. I do the same to Vans but the rubber, where it meets the fabric, lifts a bit more on them.

A good scrub with dish washing detergent and a nail brush works too, but then you won't get the insdes as fresh coz the nail brush won't reach :)


I love it! It's just what I wear...and I'm looking for a pair of jeans in dark denim. I wear black, white, gray, denim, and sky blue. All items go with each other nicely. I then wear flats (or flip flops in the summer) or dansko clogs. Love 'em even if they aren't fashionable in the States.


I like it too. I do wear very oft dress or skirt and pumps but can't live withput basics and just in your colours :-).


"My style could be described as preppy and boring." That made me laugh! You seem to be such a fun, relaxed (I couldn´t come up with a better word) person. You never take yourself too seriously, do you? I think that´s great. Normally, being the absolut clothes horse I am, I´m doubtful when people say: "I don´t care what I look like." In fact, I think that´s just coquetry. But you seem to be the big exception!


Your look looks like my look! Its CLASSIC woman, I love it! Always well dressed without fuss ;)

carol k

That is so sweet you wear Willie's heart close to your own.
I love your style and I am a grey cardigan fan. I have several in different thicknesses so I can wear them year round. James Perse t-shirts are great too. Have you seen his new furniture line? It's really good looking.


I didn't know he makes furniture. Looks great. Love the Sonoma sofa and armchair!
Btw, I'll e-mail you tomorrow :)

Jan Scott

I love you style - it's like mine..ha! :)


What I really want to know is why on earth your up at 05h00. I know that you work and everything but that's not the morning that's still the middle of the night


I have flexible work hours so if I get up at 5 am, am at work at 7am I can leave work at 3.45 pm and still have time to blog, help Wille with his homework, do a project, eat AND watch TV before going to bed :)


I also mix gold and silver jewelry. Do you own both rings Benita? and wear them together?
My absolute favorite colors for clothes are navy, white and gray. This year I bought a pair of red flats and it has been fun to wear them around this summer.If I had those Tory Burch jeans, I would probably live in them.
Also, has anyone seen the tote in person? I am wondering how convenient it would be to use.


Love your "uniform!" I've been discovering that I prefer a dependable uniform to a trendy style too... at least in my day-to-day wardrobe. I prefer a ribbed tank top with jeans right now, and I've been filling my wardrobe with grays. I love your classic style! Thanks for sharing.


The rings symbolise my wedding bands. I have one in white gold and one in yellow gold. No rocks :)


This made me laugh Benita, because it is so my approach to hair:

"but I can tell you it's not a revolution in terms of hirstyles it's just a tad shorter than before."




Oh I should have kept reading before I commented...how sweet about the necklace. Oh, I just love that. That is style my dear.

Christine D

I too am a uniform wearer! It makes life so much easier and quicker in the morning! Once in a while I throw in a colorful scarf for fun. I also wear my hair extremely short! No need for a hairdryer! Take care!

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