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July 28, 2009


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Rattling On

Beautiful photos- a perfect rose colour. Awful weather here in the Uk as well, but we're fitting a new bathroom so it stops us wishing we were outside instead... Off to get tiles and a light fitting when the shops open!


I think we need a picture of the haircut :)


Har du sett denna blogg: http://www.centsationalgirl.com/

Verkar vara en tjej i din smak. :)


Ja, jäklar! Vad kul, nu måste jag tillbaka dit och läsa mer! Tack snälla för tipset :)


Thank you for the roses!!

Looking at the photographs I can really smell roses (isn't memory amazing?) - which is an especially nice treat, as I have no roses here.

Now I'm off to begin my day...a very long workday today, as yesterday and tomorrow. I'd feel tired already, if I wasn't feeling energized by "my" roses...thanks! :)


You are welcome!


Stunning roses! I cannot believe it is fall-like there! We are still hitting 100 daily. yuck.


Hi Benita,
Would you please describe your beauty routine? You look so fresh and clean, and I think I read somewhere you don't wear makeup (I don't think you need it). And in a photo I saw some Kiehl's products. I'd be interested to know what you like for skin and hair care. Thanks!

PS-I wrote you a while back for vacuum suggestions. Still saving to buy a new one!


Recently we made our own gooseberry turnovers with yummy flakey puff pastry. Technically my husband made them (which made them yummier)...and I gobbled them up.

What colors do you like to wear? Solids? White? Any patterns? Simple, minimal?


Benita, your last pix is just so dreamy I could get lost in it!! I love summer and it says summer to me big time! Love your blog!!!


My sister and I used to have gooseberry eating contests behind my Aunt's house. I think about it now and makes me want to laugh and go back in time. Thanks for the memory.

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