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August 27, 2009


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What a sunny idea! I've been following your blog for a little while now and it's such a joy. I'm also a clean-freak and organising-freak and you serve as great inspiration to make things just a little bit better around the home. (Although I often wonder where you find the time!)


Okay it's tray chic and you're tray talented. Good grief Benita - making your own trays now! I'm still struggling with the trying to get organised bit! I think you take out the prize for Superwoman. Although I'm still hopeful that I'll get to tray making eventually - with your inspiration :)

It's lovely and that perfect sunshine yellow.


This is such a great idea and i am loving the color! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your having a wonderful week so far. Love to you!

Juliette R.

I wish I could put one of our cute trays on top of our microwave, alas our vents are up there and the top gets too hot to really use the surface. I love the punch of yellow on yours!


sunny and AWESOME!


You are indeed a genius carpenter!
And the tray matches my kitchen cupboards too!


I've said it before and I have to say it again... Miracle! Girl! I wish you were my friend and that you lived down the street. :)


You have the best looking clutter I've ever seen! XXxx.


It has actual dials! My husband works with the blind and says it's almost impossible to find appliances with a dial in the States -- all of ours are flush mount push button. He'll be jealous of your "two button" machine.

Vicki K

I love that you were able to make the perfect catch-all for your particular space. The yellow is so happy and chic.


Så glad man blir av gult!!


My husband bought recently some hi tech microvawe and I hate it. I need almost 5 Minutes to push all those soft touch buttons to just melt some chocolate. And it costed a fortune, so we can now bake with hot air in there, with infra rot or just grill...we used in all this months only twice those options.
Only good thing about it, it is on the wall, we got from ebay those holders.

I love your tray!
You can make anything custom. When I wanted to find some white big tray, it took me months, as you write, wrong size and so on...
And I admire your equipment!


very cool idea! I like the tray very very much! Really sunny and really nice! Thanks for the how-to. I enjoyed it as usual.


You are so INSPRATIONAL. You have just inspired me to start wood working! Looks like fun. I have been organising the garage since i read your post the other day.... Thanks for your posts.


Great job! I bought two Jonathan Adler trays from his Bath collection that were much smaller and way more expensive. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

Here's the link


I just love the different ideas you've come up with to enhance your already very helpful and inspiring website! Awhile back when I started reading your blog I instantly fell in love with your office/craft shelves, and I set my husband to work building something similar for our home. Your tutorials and explanations were great, but things certainly did not go as smooth for us as they seem to for you. But, I'm sure you have had your share of building mishaps along the way!
Anyway, I will send you a photo once I actually have the space decorated/staged!
Next up on our list is the shoe rack. We have the mdf cut and waiting in the basement and now just have to wait for the sun to come out again so we can build!
Thank you!

Erin Kleider

This is very pretty. Ours was built in when we bought the house and I have mixed feelings about it.

Congratulations on your new shop. I am on vacation right now, but I'd love a home sweet home when I get home!

Erin :)


Tout ceci est très intéressant !

Maria Andersson

Hej,tack för inspirerande blogg.Visst är det skönt med lite gula färgklickar i sitt kök. Har själv ett gult emalj durkslag och en gul Georg Jensen kanna.

Har en fråga till dig, var har du köpt dina pärmar med vit rygg. Jag hittar bara beige grå Jopa pärmar överallt men inte något som liknar dina som ser vitare ut.

Mvh Maria


De är från Åhléns. Finns i bred och smal variant. Kolla dem noga i butiken så de inte är smutsiga är mitt tips :)


Tack så mycket för tipset. Ha en skön lördag
Mvh Maria


What a neat and pretty solution! It's great that you are such handymen.

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