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August 11, 2009


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Tant Grön

Och så snyggt!

Make, Do & Send

Hi Benita I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a little mention and linked to this post on my blog today as it fitted in with my own post! You can see the post here: http://makedoandsend.blogspot.com/2009/08/simple-wallpaper-projects.html

Alex x

Erin Kleider

Very cute! I like both the originals AND the new version!
Erin :)


najs najs & lovely

agneta från österlensspenaten


GRYMT!!! Älskar den gula tapeten. Bra jobbat.

Vicki K.

The wallpaper looks so clean and fresh on there. What paper is it? Do you have it somewhere else?


it looks very nice. So harmoniously. Wonderful. I painted my fira drawers white. It was a lot of work. I like it nevertheless ;) The sewing machine sleeve reminds me that I want to do one for my machine, too. Maybe soon...


It's Dotted Ovals by Neisha Crosland. There's a US link in the post to where it can be bought. I don't have t on any wall just on a couple of file folders. I ordered a sample which turned out was really big (over a yard long)which led to my wall paper craft mania :)


aw, i liked it both ways! but i guess its always time for a little change eheh

Piia Anneli

Thank you so much for this info. I'm forver looking for small and easy projects but rarely even get started with them... This seemed so nice, and it's easy to make so many pieces of the home look exactly like you!


I love your ideas! If you ever decide to try another book project I have a new idea for you: 101 uses for Wallpaper Scraps! Only 97 left to go :-)


Too bad that book already exists... :) It was released in April. They only did 50 though...



What kind of cool knife is that you are using? I've not seen one like it here in the States!


It's a really cheapo thing. I think it's like $1.50!You can't switch the blade so from an environmental perspective it's no good but the blades last longer (I think) than other blades and... it's white...

Oh, it says Paragon on it if that helps...


Great idea! I couldn't help adding it to our link luv roundup today! Come by for a peek:


thanks for all your great tips!

Twisted Cinderella

I like the look of both incarnations!


Okay. I'm on it. Spray glue. I love it!


I feel better! I'm not alone to change often little things at home! I love the papers you use, I dont have the same in France :(

You inspired me to organise my apartment. Thx for that :)




Hi Benita,
I'm again the weird dutch girl who has started reading your blog in the order you posted stuff so I can follow the changes, and I just love how there are endless posts waiting for me every time I've got a couple of hours to kill. ;-) I dread the moment I will have caught up. ;-)
Anyway, just wanted to say I like the change! The other option was a really nice idea but this looks better. Really nice!

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