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September 24, 2009


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Oh, I'd hang it as is.
But I'm a hoarder with aspirations of a minimalist so what do I know? XXxx.


My first thought was, this is a tape rack....you know the mixed tape, prehistoric, pre CD and iPod thing.


Lets hope Joan has some tapes :) It does sound plausible!


It reminds me of a window with horizontal venetian blinds. I think I would pull the base off and glue a cool poster on it (with odd buildings or even with a photo from another window taken in her house), and then put it back :-) And then hang it on the wall :-)
Xxx, Angie
P.S. I'm enjoy a lot your ideas, specially the drawings :-)))


Martin will be pleased as he's the one doing the drawings :)


It's definitely a cassette tape rack. We had several of them at one point. The dividers were flimsier plywood-type material.

Account Deleted

I am much into fairylights! I think this would perfectly go with ChinaTown concept!


What a fabulous piece! Its utilitarian streak is SO OBVIOUS though - it is a teabag holder! Those little slats are perfectly shaped to hold individually packaged teabags which would look like a collage of deliciousnes on any kitchen wall. And how fun for the house guests to go up to the "tea wall" and select their favorite!


Yup, it's first life was definitely a cassette rack. These are getting harder and harder to find, if you find them on ebay they are going for a pretty penny! They were originally made by Napa Valley I believe.
Anyway, I have one as well. I use it in my craft room to corral my ink pads!
See a picture of what I mean here:


That's a great use for it! I also love your ribbon dispenser! DIY?


Your toast holder picture reminded me that I use an old silver plated toast holder as my cloth napkin holder on my kitchen table...So along that same train of thought, why not use this object to hold a collection of pretty cloth napkins in the kitchen, lovely scarves (or socks or hose) in the bedroom, or scraps of fabric (i.e. fat quarters if you quilt) in the craft room? If you were a gardener, could you use it to organize seed packets?


I like the occasional table version.

The box also could be used for stamping pads.

Joan Herlinger

I love this one since I am a big tea drinker

Joan Herlinger

So many great ideas. I definitely could use it for that


Yes, indeed it was! I don't recommend it, it took FOREVER! the material of those ikea boxes was not meant to have holes punched in it...


How about hanging earrings and necklaces from it? It's a jewelry organizer!


I have one of these kicking around in my basement, still the plain wood color it was when I used it for its intended purpose years ago. You've got me excited about the idea of painting it and giving it new life as something else. I would enjoy seeing a photo of what Joan comes up with, especially if she hangs her art on the rack--that sounds like a really neat idea.

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