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September 21, 2009


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Anna, United Kingdom

I think this is lovely. Do you think it would work well with other types of leaves?

Marianne from France

Great job Benita. Can't wait to see your Holidays Decor(s) in a few weeks !!!


I like these wreaths very much! 2 years ago I made one out of leaves of another tree, (don't know the name of the tree, the leaves have the form of an egg) and I simply let them dry and then I wired them like pearls on a string and formed the wire into a ring. I like the idea of putting them in a glycerol solution first!

carol k

You did a beautiful job + it looks gorgeous on your house. Did you paint an exterior wall black? I don't remember it being black. We have not had enough Fall over here (northwest U.S.) to make a wreath (yet).
I revisted the BHG DIY magazine after your post mentioning it. I had seen it but not purchased one before. I agree about the color usage and styling. The tips are good! It would be great if there were a DIY publication with great styling AND tips.

Jan Scott

Maybe that's the book you should write - simple holiday decor using natural elements and recycled goods.


Gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration. Our leaves are just starting to turn so maybe I will give this a try.

Petra from the Netherlands

Very nice!

Fall is definitely coming our way, but we don't have that many leaves yet. Maybe a stroll in the woods would solve that "problem"...


That's our front door being jet black. It's been black for a few years and before that fire engine red. I'm considering repainting it but we can't decide which color...


I'm sure other leaves work too, it's just that we have a lot of maples in our back yard and the color on them is so stunning this time of year.


your wreath is soooooo beautiful! Really nice! My version made a few weeks ago is really dry now, maybe I'll try your version. Without glycerol I think.

helen x

This is such a great DIY project!
I'm seeing different projects with fall leaves~ framing the really colorful and complete ones looks really good as well (saw that one on Apartment Therapy).


simple, natural and beautiful. i had no idea about the glycerol. thanks


Oh, I think I saw that on AT too. Someone had made areally graphic pattern, so you couldn't really tell it was all leaves. Awesome!

Pó de Arroz

Olá, bom dia,
achei esta ideia maravilhosa. A coroa ficou linda!
Continua com estas ideias girissimas! Obrigada!


Thanks for your inspiration! :)



i have a couple of questions for you.

do the leaves stay soft after you soak them in glycerol? could this wreath be saved to use again?

thank you.


Mine are still fairly soft but I remember the wreath I made in '92 did turn brittle in the end. The water turns quite gunky after the leaves have been in so i wasn't tempted to save it.


thank you! i think i'll give it a try - i need something new for the front door and fall is WELL underway in my part of Canada! :-)


That is sooooo pretttyyy!


Hello, Benita!
Congratulations, your blog is marvellous!
I hope you cam help me... i put some glycerol mixed with water in my leaves but something must be wrong because they don´t get dry :(
Do you know some "secret" to put everything well???


The leaves won't dry completely right away. You attach them to your wreath form when they are still soft and after a while they dry. The glycerol is mainly there to keep the colors somewhat as the leaves are drying, not to make them dry. Air does that :).


Thank you! I will try and then i wll send you a photo.


Very nice! I used real leaves to liven up a print I made. I love using things for free to make new pieces. Pics coming soon! Happy weekend! :)


You can't use hot glue on Styrofoam, so I'm wondering how you did this. Maybe floral pins would be a better option.


But I did use hot glue. If you look really closely you can even see the threads it leaves behind when you pull way. I think there are different types of the glue sticks and guns available though and this might be the not hottest one. It's a few year ago and I don't have that glue gun anymore so I can't check I'm afraid.

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