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September 28, 2009


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you've got always so nice ideas. Funny, that the cats like their little house so much. :)

Petra from the Netherlands

Let's just hope they don't scratch it ;-))
Bonus looks very much at ease in there, so I guess that's not going to happen...


They are not big on scratching their beds so we figured it will be ok and it has been :)


Bonus looks snug! Do they share or take turns?

I have a little beanbag-type pillow (we call it "the mooshy cushion") that one of my cats really enjoys.

Jan Scott

Such a sweet little cabin. Don't cats just love their cozy little spaces?

Vicki K

Wow - the kitties have it cushy inside and out! Thanks for the ratio on the beans - I've always shied away from them because I had no idea how much you might need...
Such a cute little house.

Do you have anything in mind for the rest of the beans?


Mini's not ben that interested since her initial try actually. She's much more an indoor cat than Bonus is. He's the lover of fresh air :)


The rest of the beans are actually the reason for the post being numbered... coming up :)


Ha - funny little Bonus in his house, what a lucky kitty


Love the little kitty cabin. So cute!

Tricia Rose

There really is a cat in there? Good camouflage!
I kept a litter tray on the deck for my cat, inside an old shingled dog kennel: a loo with a view.

holly hm

My cat used a bean bag chair as a litter box if we didn't pick it up off the floor when no one was sitting in it. I guess it felt like litter to her.

So beware, everyone!!


funny picture of Bonus sitting in the house. :) I like your bean cushion. Maybe it's an idea for a kids' room, too.

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